George, Dragons and Mystical Dancing.......

This may seem weird at first but trust me it just gets weirder and weirder from then on. This story is all about a girl called 'Steve' (sorry about the name, her parents had always wanted a boy) and her quest to find a pet dragon and to stop the evil Jen from bewitching all her unusual pets.

-May a please add that this tale is complete fiction and should not be taken literally.




  I was running. 

Running up the street, I was running for my life but I might as well have been an olympic athlete winning a gold medal. Ok, not quite anyway I was running along the high street and up the hill. My stomach was in deadly pain from the worst stitch you could ever imagine. I was nearly there panting trying to catch my breath back before I pressed the bell. I was waiting for god knows how long before a middle age woman opened the door. She looked relived and happy and had pink candy floss colored hair. I know thats weird right? She must have been about 76 right? “The pizzas finally i’ve been waiting for years! What time do you call this I ordered the pizzas ages ago!”she said practically shouting. I felt like I was going deaf I was only a couple minutes late I don’t no why she was complaining. “I’m sorry my bike broke down and I had to run the whole way here” “Well if you think I’m paying for them you’ve got another thing coming.” she said as she snatched the pizzas away. “You’re lucky you know that I haven’t called the police. My husband was a pizza deliverer you know. God rest his poor soul. Then one day he was 3 minutes late for a delivery and I’ve never ever ever seen him since.” “But ..” she had closed the door before I could finish. Honestly anyone will do anything for free pizzas. One person once told me that if he didn’t get his pizza he’d set his poodle on me. I didn’t stick around for much longer after that. I don’t know how I’m going to tell my boss this is the forth time this month.This was my last chance I could blame it on George my little brother. All I wanted was a saturday job to earn some money to save up for my pet dragon. When the woman at the counter gave me a weird look when I went into the pet shop to ask if they had any dragons I frowned and I had to settle with a boring lizard. But I’m not giving up! I’m still searching. My bike was ruined thanks to my little brother George who had to test if my bike would survive being throw down from his bedroom window on to the trampoline and of cause he completely missed the trampoline and my bike ended up in a heap in mums flower bed. Mum saw the bike in the morning and made me pay for new flowers when it was quite obviously George maybe because the bike was next to his trampoline under his window and he was standing right next to it rolling around on the floor saying ha ha ha ha you got blamed for when it was me. George always gets away with things because he’s mums favorite. Ok I admit i didn’t mean to set the kitchen on fire how was I supposed to know you have to know you have to blow a match out after using them. But george did dig up the whole garden just to see if there was any gold buried by pirates.Thats worst than setting the kitchen on fire. 

 It was a long walk home. I didn’t want to run back and get the same painful stitch from before. As I was walking up the street I saw Jen in her garden dancing in a mystic way around her pet cat. I quickly realized she’s a strange person from this interesting experience. Mind you she kind of gave it away by hanging around my house casting spells on my pet dog. I’m not trying to be mean she’s just so weird hanging around and pretending to cast spells when she thinks she alone and at school everyone says she strange as well. “Hey Jen are you all right?” I asked raising my eyebrows at her dancing around. Then she suddenly burst out singing christmas songs and the funny thing is its August. But she just carried on dancing around her cat ignoring me rudely and her poor cat who looked like it was having a heart attack poor thing. I guess someone should call a animal rights center and have it taken away somewhere it will be treated like a cat.Tomorrow i’m going into town so i should be able to find somewhere who will consider the poor needs of a cat.

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