A new love?

Liberty is a normal 18 year old but is she? Her father was killed by someone she used to love and she was left with her mum, sister and brother. Her mum just got a new job as One Direction's stylist so she moves to London. Luke and Liberty fall in love but then the relationship falls apart. Later Louis falls in love with her but will she ever love again after her previous boyfriend and what he did to her?


16. The Journey, The Janoskians and The house

The journey was gonna take 4 hours. Me and Tori shared the driving, so i did the last 2 hours because then Tori had a rest. 

"Bri babe" 


"Tori hunni"


"Guess What?"


"WE ARE GONNA MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!" I said excitedly!

"FUCK YEAH!" Tori said

"OH MY FUCKING GOD ARGHHHHHHH" Bri was really excited.

"Harry's mine, so back off bitches!" Tori says. Only her.

"I'm having Zayn!" Bri says

"Louis is mine, you lay a finger on him i swear i will kill you. UNDERSTOOD?"

"Yeah" Tori and Bri both said n sync.

Haha i liked scaring them.

i noticed 5 boys out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't One Direction. I looked again. OH MY GOD! It was The Janoskians. As if. OMG 

"Tori stop at the services." i say 

"Ermmm Okay."

I text my mum to tell her that we are stopping at the services. 

she replies and says that's fine. 

"So why are we stopping?" Tori asks as we pull into the services. 

We find a space and park the car.

"Ermmm because The Janoskians are right there" i say pointing towards the bench.

"Arghhhh" Tori and Bri scream!

we grab a sharpie each and our notebooks and go over to the bench.

"Sorry to interrupt but can we have your autograph and maybe a picture?" I ask because Tori and Bri were too shy. 

"Yeah sure" They all say.

They pass our notebooks around. We ask an old lady to take a few pictures for us. Well we took loads

Loads of then were they were kissing our cheeks, One of us doing funny poses and one of us smiling.

"Thank you" we all say

"It's not a problem" They say.

"So where are you from?" 


"Oh cool"

"But were moving to London."

"Oh really" they all said

"Ermmm i know this sounds rude but we just got off our train and we are going to London too but we haven't got enough money to get a train so could we crab a lift with you?" Luke asks

We look at each other and nod

"Yeah sure" Tori finally says something.

"Thank you so much!"

"It's not a problem" Bri says

We walk back to the car chatting. I know how much Luke and Jai liked One Direction so i decided to tell them about my mum being their stylist.

"Hey Luke, Jai. Guess which band my mum is gonna be the new stylist for!!" I said.

"Who?" They both said

"One Direction!" i said

Their mouths dropped.

"OMG!" They both say

The rest of the journey was amazing! at the end out of nowhere they asked for our number.

We exchanged numbers, then my phone buzzed. I looked at the screen


I looked up at Luke he was just smiling. I unlocked my phone and read the message

'Hey babe:) Thanks for the lift:) Love Luke xxx'

I smiled at my phone probably looking like a right freak and texted back

'Hey:) No problem! Any time. xxx' 

"Thank you so much for the ride! we must be going now. Hopefully we can meet up sometime before we go back to Australia!" 

"Yeah sure! Bye"

We all said our goodbyes and gave everyone a hug. 

i texted mum and told her we would go to the house. i got an instant reply saying that they were there already. I told Tori the directions, It took 15 minutes to get there. We walked in. The house was massive like i mean massive 11 bedrooms all with en suites, a main bathroom downstairs, 2 big living rooms, a kitchen and dining room, a nursery, an office, and a room for mum to put all of her clothes she has designed and the clothes she will be giving to One Direction. 

"WOW" is all me Tori and Bri could say.



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