A new love?

Liberty is a normal 18 year old but is she? Her father was killed by someone she used to love and she was left with her mum, sister and brother. Her mum just got a new job as One Direction's stylist so she moves to London. Luke and Liberty fall in love but then the relationship falls apart. Later Louis falls in love with her but will she ever love again after her previous boyfriend and what he did to her?


20. Oh No

Tori P.O.V


We were sat at the table with the Janoskians. I felt like i was in a bubble with Jai just us two talking about anything untill...


"Hey guys"


"Yes Bri"


"Do you guys watch BGT?"


"Oh Bri don't you dare"


"Don't worry they find out sooner or later"


I put my head on the table knowing what was going to come out her mouth. Then Lib comes in.


"Yeah Tori and Bri are going on BGT"


"Why people why"


"Come on Tori you love us"




"Girls can you show us"


"Beau no"


"Come on"


I looked at my clothes i had high shorts on and a flower top and white vans. I could dance in this Bri had similar clothes on two.


"Yeah sure"




"Come on"




I got up with Bri and we went to the backgarden to dance.


"Okay 1, 2, 3"


And we started ( GO TO COMMENT BOX FOR DANCE )


Once we were done we looked at there faces and they looked happy.


"I'm sure you'll win"


"Thanks Jai"


"No prob"


We went back inside and had a fun night, but Liberty was hiding something and i would find out.

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