A new love?

Liberty is a normal 18 year old but is she? Her father was killed by someone she used to love and she was left with her mum, sister and brother. Her mum just got a new job as One Direction's stylist so she moves to London. Luke and Liberty fall in love but then the relationship falls apart. Later Louis falls in love with her but will she ever love again after her previous boyfriend and what he did to her?


23. I'm in Love with you

Liberty's P.O.V

"So Jai what you doing in London then?" i asked making conversation

"just gonna do some signings and a photoshoot."

"Sound like fun!"

Tori went outside for some 'fresh air' amd Luke left 5 minutes after. I knew what she was doing, she was having 'the talk' with Luke. She does to every boy that i ever kiss or go out with. I guess she's just very protective over me. She always has, and i guess now she knows about William she's even more protective. I love her for it, always there for me and everything.

"So, what should we do now?"

At that moment Tori and Luke walked back in. They were both smiling.

" What have you 2 been up to then?"

"Nothing." Tori says

I look at Luke and he nods. Hmmm.....

"Thank you for a lovely evening boys, but we better get going. We've got a busy day ahead of us!!"

"Okay then. Lib can i talk to you?" Luke says

"yeah sure!" i say then walk ou the door Luke following behind.

"Lib, i dunno how to tell you this but I... I.... I'm in love with you!"

Those 5 words going round and roumd in my head. 'I'm in love with you!'

"Luke I... I..."

"You don't-"

before he could finish i placed my lips on his and kissed him.

"I Love You too Luke!"

"Lib, Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course i will!"

I knew i could trust Luke he wouldn't be like William, he would treat me right and always look atfter me. I hugged Luke and gave him another kiss.

"I have to go now Luke!"

"Okay babe!"

i walk into the front room where Tori and Bri were saying goodbye to everyone. Tori was taking forever saying goodbye to Jai. We finished our goodbye's and headed to my car.

" That was so fun!" Bri says

"Yeah it was. So Tori what's going on with you and Jai?" i ask


"Hmm okay if you Say so!"

They didn't ask about me and Luke, we got home and i smelt of chlorine so i took a shower them went to my room. I took out my phone and i had a message.

Message: Luke:) : 'Hey baby) Miss you already! xoxox'

Send message: Luke:) : 'Hey babe:) Miss you too. Maybe you can come with me tomorrow to meet One Direction. You can meet mum Lucy and Luke. xoxoxo'

Message: Luke:) : 'Yeah sure! What time should i meet you? xoxoxo'

Send message: Luke:) : 'We'll come and pick you up at 9! Loveyouu babe! Night night! xoxoxo'

Message: Luke:) : 'Okay then! See you then! Loveyouu too baby:) Night night sweet dreams princess xoxoxo'

i put my phone on charge then head to Tori's room! I knock on the door.

"Come in!" i hear Tori say.

"Hey Tori, I need to talk to you!"

"Sure!" She pats the seat next to her.

i walk over and sit by her.

"So what's up?" she asks

"So you know how me and Luke kissed. Well he asked me to be his Girlfriend!"

"OMG Lib! Arghhh i'm so happy for you!"

"I've asked his to come tomorrow to meet One Direction!"

"Okay babe! Can i ask Jai?"

"Yeah sure, you and Jai are pretty close aren't you!"

"Yeah i guess!"

"Well i'm gonna go to bed! night babe see you tomorrow!" i say and get up.

" Night Lib!"

somethimg was going on between Tori and Jai i knew it. Me and Tori have been best friends since nursery and i knew when she was hiding something. I will find out. Trust me. I walk into my room and go to sleep. I have a busy day ahead of me.

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