A new love?

Liberty is a normal 18 year old but is she? Her father was killed by someone she used to love and she was left with her mum, sister and brother. Her mum just got a new job as One Direction's stylist so she moves to London. Luke and Liberty fall in love but then the relationship falls apart. Later Louis falls in love with her but will she ever love again after her previous boyfriend and what he did to her?


31. good or bad?

Liberty's P.O.V

"Thanks you Luke!"

he give me a quick kiss on the cheek and we went back to talking to Bri.

"Hello Bri!" The doctor said as he walked in the room

"Wow! you're popular!" He adds looking at us

"Haha! i know" 

"Well if you need anything just ring the bell!" The doctor says as he scribbles something down on the board at the end of the bed.

It was getting late and Bri had insisted that we go home. Everyone was staying at mine tonight. I got into my car with Tori and the boys went in beau's car. 

We arrived at home within 10 minutes. Mum was home and i had ask her something.

"Hey mum!"

"Hello Darling, how's Bri doing?"

"She's ok. Mum everyone's staying here tonight! is that ok?"

"Yeah! sure!"

"Thanks mum! oh and how was the first day? good or bad?"

"oh it was amazing! the boys are so kind! you'll have to come tomorrow! They can't wait to meet you!"

"You talked to them about me?"

"Oh yeah. they were asking me questions and one was about if i had kids! Promise me you'll come tomorrow!"

"Yeah sure. can The boys come too?"

"Yeah why not! The more the merrier!"

"Ok mum!"

"What do you want for tea darling?"

"Ermm should we order some pizza?"

"Yeah! just get the menu out of the draw!"


we order the food, then i go to the living room where everyone is.

"Hey guys!" i say

"Hey!" i hear them al say

"We've ordered pizza!"

"Yay! woooop!" they all cheered.


"What should we do then until the pizza arrives?"

Everyone's heads turned to look at the games consoles in the corner of the room.


Everyone cheered again.

"Hello princess!"

"Why hello there prince charming!"

"Haha! how you feeling?" 

"Aright i suppose."

"It'll get better babe, i promise!"

"Thankyou!" i say then i kiss Luke on the lips. 

"That's not a problem, anything for my princess!"

"Oh Luke! All of you boy's are coming to meet One Direction tomorrow!"

"OMG yes! wooooo!"

"Luke, why are you shouting?" Jai asks

"Were all meeting One Direction tomorrow!"

Everybody's cheering and so happy!

"Yes! I get to see my boy, Louis!" Beau says

"Yes, yes you do Beau!"

"You're amazing! d'you know that?" Luke says

"Well i have been told before!"

"I love you baby girl!"

"I love you too"


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