A new love?

Liberty is a normal 18 year old but is she? Her father was killed by someone she used to love and she was left with her mum, sister and brother. Her mum just got a new job as One Direction's stylist so she moves to London. Luke and Liberty fall in love but then the relationship falls apart. Later Louis falls in love with her but will she ever love again after her previous boyfriend and what he did to her?


33. AN

OMG i'm so sorry, i haven't updated in agessssss. i'm sorry I've completely forgotten about this story I've been on holiday and i've been writing another story on quotev. if you wanna check that out then this is the link: http://www.quotev.com/story/2981292/Travel-the-world/ yeah so go check that out and i'l try and update as soon as i can woooo! 


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