Attempts of Poetry

After watching a play by Shakespeare, the art of writing stories in a poem-like fashion really captured me. And just when that happened, The Big Poetry competition started, so it was perfect timing.
This is my bidding, and an attempt of writing a poem, with a clear plot and story behind it.
Enjoy :)


1. Endless love.


An upsetting time had come, as a result of the young lad’s departure.         

Vacant stares and snickering mouths, was his only and final torture.          

When he was hired no one considered him but a part of their crew.  

Yet since his outburst, filled with honesty and passion, no one knew what to do.

Before he ruined all he held dear, the lad was seen as a mere stable boy.

But when he laid eyes upon a lady so fine, the maids thought of him as a toy.


Whispered they did, behind his back, and mocked him for having such foolish thoughts.

Lost like a puppy, the lad was in love, proudly displaying the flowers he had bought.  

Down on one knee, with a ring in his hand, bearing his grimy pair of clothes.

As he spoke the words on his mind, a roar from the people quickly arose.

“What did he say?” “What will she answer?” “What will the King think of this?”

Startled by the outburst from the crowd, Orlando slowly sank into an endless abyss.


Regret filled his whole being as he realized he would never obtain such a beautiful girl.

‘No’, he persisted and gave it his all. He thought of the perfect woman, whom he called a pearl.

In an act of desperation he stood up and uttered the last words of his speech.

In return the fair lady feinted, leaving the audience ready to preach.

The castle was shocked; but alas, he did not care for them anymore.

 “For thee my princess, are the only one that I adore!”        


Those were the words that sent the King into a flying rage.

“Rosalind will never take thy hand in marriage.”

Filled with wrath he screamed at Orlando, offended by the affections for his daughter.

In the King’s eyes, such a thing could only mean a certain slaughter.

The rant went on and on ‘till the endless hour of the night.

Owls cooed, birds flew, and on and on they yelled, ‘till the dawn delivered a faint light.


‘Twas a sad day, when the King sent the lad up to Heaven.

Forced to watch, a tear rolled down Rosalind’s cheek, and her soul felt leaden.

She too, had had feelings for Orlando, and she closed her eyes as the rope was cut.

A sickening thud silenced the audience, leaving Rosalind behind a door that was now shut.

A cold and soft breeze fluttered across the pedestal, making the body of a young boy sway.

With her throat closing up, she turned on her heel and walked away.


Life went on, as if the events from that day were forgotten.

Though she did not show, the Princess’ soul and mind infinitely grew rotten.

Rosalind knew deep in her heart, that never would she obtain the gift of serenity.

She should mourn for the boy, whom she had loved, for his death was her penalty.

A long time passed before Rosalind joined him, and quickly they both found peace in the above.

And thus goes the tale of Orlando who defied the norm, to confess his love.

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