I wish

*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


16. On the 9th day of Christmas...


Part 16 - On the 9th day of Christmas...




'Ill get it!!' Eimer rushed to the door nervously before anyone else could even get to it. It was reslly wird so i decided to evesdrop. No i know i shouldnt, but i had to.

'What the hell are you doing here!?' i heard her hiss to someone.

'I had to see you' an essex accent replied

'Aww. Wait, what am i saying, you have to leave, bye Ol!' she sang, but through the hinges i saw the door didnt close due to someone sticking their foot in the door.

'No, we need to talk' he argued, stepping inside and shutting the door. I couldnt see who it was, but thought this was the perfect oportunity to go.

'You okay bab- Olly!?' i smiled, but frowned when i saw the tall essex lad stood by the door.

'Hi Liam? What are you doing here?' he seemed confused. I was more worried about why Olly Murs was stood infront of me and not on his tour. Wait, his tour ended a week ago, i still dont get how he knows Eimer?

'Meeting up with Eimer, i didnt think you knew Liam?' he directed a look at Eimer.

'Yeah, shes my girlfriend' i made it obviously clear by taking her hand before she could say anything. She smiled and kissed me.

'Oh' he seemed taken back.

There was suddenly a scream from the lounge and a bunch of laughs, so me nd Eimer went to investigate, followed by the nosey Olly.

'Whats going on?' i said worriedly while opening the door. When i saw, Harry was chasing Paige round the house, then the two ended up on a pile on the floor, while everyone was laughing.

'OMG!! Olly Murs?!' Chelsea yelled happily

'Always have been' he laughed

She gave a huge smile and started fixing her hair and stuff. Next to me Eimer laughed a little under her breath.

'Whats so funny?' i whispered

'Olly, i think he came here trying to get me back, not going to happen dont worry, but i think hes seen Chelsea and hes lovestruck!' she smiled back, pointing descretly to his face. He was almost drooling over her!!

'Good point, but dont try to get involved hun, she might not like him back!' i said, putting an arm round her shoulder.

'Fine' she grunted

'So, why is Olly Murs in the same room as me, fangirling on the inside!?' Alicia smiled. Olly laughed a little and shuffled around while Chelsea looked him up and down for any flaws.

'Well, havent seen Eimer for a while so i thought id come catch up while im here!' he giggled.

'Yeah, weve been friends for ages' Eimer beamed a smile but something was wrong. I looked dwn to her fingers and saw she was definatly nervous. Whenever she was, she would rub her thumb and index finger together. It was a weied habit but i love it!

'Yeah...' he trailed, 'well i better get going'

'Wait!! Your coming back right?' Chelsea stuttered.

'Of corse!' he winked

'Good, ill see you out'


They both left, Chelsea with her fingers crossed by her sides.

Alicia sighed a sigh of relief and wiped her brow

'Just me or did the rom suddenly get hotter when he came in?' she laughed at her own joke, while Sophie just playfully hit her arm.



Most of the girls here have got their boyfriends, or someone they like, and im here like a loner!! Well there is one boy i like from our school before we broke up for the holidays, Marcus... Marcus Collins, gorgeous boy, mm...

'Caitlin, come help me organise dinner?' i asked politley and she jumped up, pulling me to the kitchen door

'Who do you like?!' she burdt out as the door closed.

'How do you know!?' i laughed and she just shrugged.

'I can tell, who is it?' she begged

'You remember the lad from school, Marcus i think his name was?' i twiddled my fingers waiting for her laugh.

'That one thats all popular and got a recording contract now?' she asked

'Oh, i didnt know that' i wanted to cry, i held the shakey tears in luckily.

'I have his number...' she whispered and the tears flew away, like they'd never been there, my face lighting up too

'Really!!?' i sqealed

'Yeahh, want it?' she smile, pulling out her phone from her back pocket

'Yes!!' i beamed a huge smile at her and she laughed, saying numbers as i tapped them in my phone

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