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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


15. On the 8th day of Christmas...


Part 15 - On the 8th day of christmas...



'Sophiee!!' i called through thr house.

'Yeah?' she shouted back.

'You erm, left your phone down here?' i improvised. It was my excuse the get her to come downstairs.

'Okay?' she smiled as she walked down towards me.

'Where is it?' she said confused. I never thought of that...

'Ermm...' i stumbled around looking for it.

'Whats up Louis?' she sighed.

'I... I...' i stuttered. Before i could get some words out, her lips were pressed against mine softly

'Woow' i whispered, staring into thoose beautiful shinning eyes.

'Dont wow, i can tell when you want something' she giggled.

'Good point' i shrugged.

'Wait' she sighed

'What?' i asked

'I cant do this, Alicias already annoyed at me' she huffed

'Hmm' i thought for a moment.

'Do you like me?' i questioned and she nodded

'Do you... Love me?' i asked a little cautiously this time

'Yes' she whispered quietly, and my face lit up instantly

'Correct' i joked with a wink. She laughed and kissed me again.

'Cant we wait until christmas, after me and Alicia are sorted?' she suggested

'Whatever you want' i beamed a smile at her and kissed her one last time before going upstairs.



Urg, hate being sick! Everyones downstairs having fun in the pool and im stuck up in bed sipping chicken soup and watching Titanic! Saddest film going by the way, dont watch it without tissues!

'Knock knock' someone sang and hit the door lightly twice before entering. Curls and a very hunky boy i recognised entered, topless and gorgeous as ever!!

'Hello' i sighed, followed by a cough.

'Feeling better?' he asked, i just shook my head in reply and grabbed a tissue so i could sneeze with looking like a fool.

'Hmmph, need anything?' he smiled.

'No im fine Harry, go on, play nicly' i laughed and he skipped off like a child at break time.



LOL!!! I actually cant stop laughing at Alicia being all miserable and sad! It seems mean, but she shouldnt have done it, she should have just been loyal!

'Soph!! You coming to get a drink or something?' i shouted from the doors to the garden where she was sat.

'Sure' she smiled, walkig past Alicia who i saw gave her 'the look'. Sophie just burst into hysterics as soon as she got through the door, making me giggle abit.

'Thanks' Alicia shouted sarcasticlly from outside, making her laugh even more.

'Not my fault is it!' Sophie screamed back

'Guys this is pathetic, how the hell do you think we all feel when your fighting so much!!!?' Chelsea yelled as Sophie stood in the doorway with her arms folded.

'She shouldnt have told Louis!' Alicia argued

'You shouldnt have flirted, you shouldnt have lied to him, you should have been loyal!' she read my mind!

'Just shut up, its almodt christmas, its ment to be a happy holiday!' Niall danced over to his seat

'Tell her that' Sophie muttered, i proddd her side to get her to shut up

'She says sorry, ill say sorry' Alicia frowned

'Fine, im sorry?' Sophie shrugged

'Okay, im sorry too' Alicia replied, getting up to hug Sophie. I could see she still didnt forgive her to be honest, but ignored it and started to walk away.

'Louis! Wait!' Zayn laughed under his breath.

'What?' i smiled

'You still havent talked to Alicia yet?' he said

'Im sorry Louis' she came over and grinned nervously.

'Its okay' i smiled again and hugged her polietly



I must have over slept, its 2pm!! I could have sobbing from the other side of the room, and turned over to see Paige crying at the TV, layed in bed wrapped up in her duvet. She turned her head when i was shuffling.

'What!? Its a sad film!!' she cried with half a smile coming through

'Get a life' i joked, throwing the nearest pillow at her and grabbing my phone.

3 unread messages?

Message 1 - Hey Eimer, really missing you, hope your okay, Sam.xx

Sam was my bestfriend, she was called Samantha but hated the name so we all called her Sam. She was pretty and lovely after a while, but at first she came across as a tom boy. She was really naughty in school and dressed like a boy, but over the course of our friendship, she sort of became more girly but still sporty and everything dhe was before! She had to move to another school because her mum died and the only place she could go was her older brothers in Australia. She didnt know about me dating Liam or even knowing him or the other lads!

Message 2 - Eimer!! You up yet? Liamm.xx

'No im not!!' i shouted downstairs, only to get replyed by a pillow chucked at me by Paige

'Thanks' she said sarcasticlly

Message 3 - Hey Eimer, You still living in Doncaster? I kinda want to see you again, need a catch up! Sorry about what happened all those years back, ive been thinking about it latly :L look im coming to visit tomorrow, whatever you say i dont care, i want to talk, see you then, Olz:*xx

WHAT!?! Olly cant come over tomorrow!! Oh dear god...

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