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14. On the 7th day of Christmas...


Part 14 - On the 7th day of christmas...



'Urgghh, im up' i huffed as the alarm clock buzzed. I turned over and hit the snooze button. 9am, December the 18th. Just a week to go until christmas!

'Why did the alarm clock wake me up this morning?' i yawned as i walked downstairs where Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn were sat on the couch. The girls must've still been asleep.

'Managment called.' Louis bit his bottom lip nervously.

'What now?' i sighed

'Well, remember when they called about a week ago?' Liam started. I nodded.

'Yeah, they said we're moving to Australia now in a month' Zayn said, looking to floor.

'Yeah, but the worst bit, they want us to dump our girlfriends' Niall cried.

'WHAT!!!?' i screamed.

'Whats going on?' Eimer plonked herself down the stairs loudly. The boys and me exchanged worried glances.

'Nothing babe, go back to sleep' Liam improvised. She kissed him, then walked slowly back up to bed.

'What are we going to do?' i whispered.

'Theres nothing we can do' Niall frowned. I held the bridge of my nose, shaking my head.

'Well, lets just forget about it for now, we'll think about it after christmas' Louis smiled.

'Yeah' we all chorsed as the girls came downstairs.

'Yes what?' Paige asked, placing herself next to me, resting her legs on mine.

'Nothingg' Zayn smiled as Caitlin went and did the same. Niall and Maria were cuddled up on one couch, Liam and Eimer on another, while Louis, Chelsea and Sophie were leant with the backs against a wall. Alicia was sat next to Eimer and Liam sulking.

'Sure?' Sophie asked.

'Yess' Louis laughed. Alicia huffed in the corner while Eimer flicked on the TV. Zayn was on his laptop, as was Alicia, and Louis, Sophie, Chelsea, Maria and Niall were on their phones.

'So, why are you acting so weird lately?' Paige smiled, looking up, her big blue eyes sparkling.

'Im not' i giggled.

'Yeah you are! You kissed me then told me to wait until christmas? Whats the plan?' she laughed tickling my face with her hair.

'Just be patient' i winked, then got up and went over to the kitchen where Liam was heading to help with breakfast.



'So whats happening today?' i smiled after we'd all gone off to get changed.

'Not suree?' Niall said, stuffing a Twix into his mouth

'Pool?' i laughed, grabbing two towels as we raced out ibto the garden and dived in together.

'Mind if i join you two?' a quiet voice came from above the water.

'Sure' Niall smiled. I came above the surface to see Chelsea getting in. What was she doing here?

'Maria, before you say anything, Chelsea appologised, i forgave her, can you too?' Niall took my hand and pulled me towards him.

'Of corse' i grinned. We splashed around in the pool, and soon Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Paige, Caitlin and Eimer joined us too.



I need to talk to Alicia. Shes being so stupid about this whole thing!

'Alicia' i knocked on the door and entered anyway.

'What do you want?' she sobbed while cuddling a pillow.

'You to talk to me' i smiled

'Why should i? Your suposed to be my bestfriend, and you told my boyfriend something that should have just stayed between you and me' she exclaimed.

'I know and im sorry' i sat on the edge of the bed

'I dont care Soph, Louis gone and its all your fault. I know he likes you, i dont care about that either, you can have him now, probably all part of your plan' she trailed, turning over to face the wall.

'Alicia, whatever you think, yeah i like Lou, doesnt mean i'd do that to my bestfriend. I told him because hes also my bestfriend, i couldnt live without him, and i tell my bestfriend everything. Ive known him longer, therefore i tell him! Im sorry, i shouldnt have told him, but think of it from his side, how would he feel if i didnt tell him, if i wasnt honest, and how would i feel if i had to live knowing i didnt do anything? Knowing theres just a little lie bottled up inside of me and i didnt say a thing? Just think of me and Louis as well as yourself' i explained, and left the room.

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