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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


13. On the 6th day of Christmas...


Part 13 - On the 6th day of Christmas...



'Niall please?!' i shouted as his blonde hair swayed in the wind. I followed him when he walked to the shop and on the way back. We were getting closer to my house, and he sped up his pace.

'NIALL STOP!' i ordered, stepping infront of him and stopping in my tracks.

'Get out of the way' he gritted his teeth, not even bothering to look me in the eyes.

'No' i said calmly.

'Have you seen this!?' he screamed, pointing to his cheek.

'Yes, but i didnt mean to!' i protested.

'No, you didnt mean to slap me round the face, when you were just stood infront of me and nothing touched you' he said sarcasticly.

'Okay yes i ment it, but i didnt mean it? Look, i was angry!' i frowned sadly.

'At what?! We broke up, so why should me kissing Maria affect you!? It makes no sense!' he yelled

'I dont know? I guess i just havent gotten over it yet' i cried a little, wiped away the tears before he saw.

'Well im sorry, but i love her!' he shrugged, then tiptoed around me and continued to walk. I caught up to him, doing that funny walk you do when your almost over the road, and finished this off.

'Niall listen, im sorry, i was just an idiot!' i admitted.

'Finally telling the truth i see' he muttered.

'Yes, i truly am sorry, i want my bestfriend back' i trailed the words, embarassed as im normally the tough cookie.

'How much?' he stopped, his back towards me.

'Alot' i whispered, and he smiled to himself, just so that i could see.

'Everything okay now, friends?' he laughed, facing me and pulling me into a huge hug.

'Forever and always' i quietly said in his ear, a half smile, half frown appeared over my face. I wanted to be more than friends, i guess it just wasnt ment to be...



Alicia wont even admit that shes been flirting with this other guy and its bugging me now!! How can i trusr her again? I guess i cant...

'Okay Louis, whats going on, why are you barley talking to me, and you havent kissed me in 2 days!' Alicia marched into the room, startling me. I turned over to see her stood with her hands on her hips and the weight resting on one leg.

'You!' i replied, pulling the covers over my head and trying to ignore her exsistance.

'What have i done!?' she asked innocently.

'You were flirting with the lifeguard dude when you Soph and Eimer went surfing the other day! And dont tell me you didnt, Sophie told me' i accused.

'So now your going to believe everything that ex girlfriend of yours says!? Over me, your girlfriend now!?' she seemed shocked.

'Yes, Sophies my bestfriend, ive known her much longer than i have you, i trust both of you, but your a flirt' i smiled, and left the room.

'Wait!' she screamed after me, but i just laughed to myself and continued to walk.

'Thats it Louis, were over!' i heard from behind me. Single at last, i thought to myself, smiling as i wondered wether it was a good thing or a bad thing...



Zayns such a cutie, i really like him. Not just friends, i think i love him, but he doesnt know that.

'Hey gorgeous' she laughed as he walked into my room.

'Dont call me gorgeous, ive just woke up, i look a mess!!' i gigled, as he kissed my nose sweetly. He always acted like we were an item, but that was just my fantasies.

'You look beautiful, enough said' he hushed me, smiling and sparkling those precious eyes like he does.

I just returned the smile, dragged myself out of bed, revealing myself to the cold and shivering out the door, Zayn closley behind me.

'Caitin?' he said nervously, sitting beside me on the couch.

'Yeah?' i smiled, not really paying attention.

'I have a suprise for you on christmas, promise you'll open it last?' he whispered.

'Sure?' i slurred confused.

He held out a pinkie and raised an eyebrow. Must be serious!



'Liammmmmm, wakeeyy wakeyyy' i sang into his ear, tickling his face gently.

'I love waking up to see those beautiful eyes and those lips i call mine' he winked cheesily. I just laughed and kissed him sweetly.

'You want to go to the beach later on?' i asked hopefully.

'Sure' he smiled and added a yawn to the end.

'Great, letd go downstairs' i suggested, pulling him up effortlessly.

'What have you been eating?' i joked, panting like a dog through the giggles.

'I had a lamb chop yesterday?' he smiled, and pushed my out of the room as i quickly redid my hair into a messy bun. 



'Heyy' Eimer smiled as her and Liam walked downstairs to join me and Sophie in the lounge. They plonked theirselves on the couch oposite us, cuddling up.

'You! This is your fault!' someone suddenly stormed downstairs and shouted. I turned around and saw Alicia pointing a finger towards Sophie angrily.

'What did i do?' she asked, puzzled look on her face.

'Me and Louis broke up!' she cried, before rcing back upstairs and slaming yet another door. Sophie just shrugged and we continued to watch TV.

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