I wish

*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


12. On the 5th day of Christmas...


Part 12 - On the 5th day of Christmas...



Harrys confused me so much, saying ‘Wait, its all part of the plan’ after kissing me? I’m either really blonde, or he’s just mysterious…

‘Paige!!!!?’ Alicia screamed from downstairs.

‘Urg! What!?’ I yelled back. I was still half asleep.

‘Come downstairs!! I’m lonely cause everyone gone out!!’ she shouted, so I dlumped down the stairs loudly. She was trying to make herself some bacon but I saw she couldn’t butter the bread properly.

‘Having fun?’ I walked through the door and she handed me the knife and butter, forcing me to do the job for her.

‘Happy?’ I grumped when I was done.

‘Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning’ she laughed.

‘No, you woke me up!’ I pretended to cry so she just tickled me and tackled me to the floor.

‘You wanna get off me?’ I calmly said.

‘Smile then’ she giggled, so I gave a cheesy grin and pushed her off me

‘Where’s everyone gone then?’ I asked, walking into the lounge and flicking on the TV, changing it to something other that the food channel.

‘Why does Niall always leave it on channels like this!?’ I asked, pointing to the man on the screen that was making fried eggs.

‘I know, its annoying! Just put music channel on?’ she ordered, shoving a bit of bread into her mouth. I did as she said, and as soon as I did, WMYB came straight on!

‘Your insecure!!’ she jumped straight up, danced away to herself.

‘Don’t know what for!!’ I continued and joined her.

‘Having fun?’ Liam burst into hysterics as he walked through the door and we were singing into our hairbrushes like complete fools.

‘Hi’ Alicia dropped her hairbrush and waved innocently.

‘You looked nice’ Harry laughed at me.

‘Heyy, I looked gorgeous!!’ I joked.

‘I know’ he winked. There he goes with the mysteriousness again!!



‘You okay? You didn’t say a word on the bus, not even a smile!’ I asked Chelsea as she shuffled into the kitchen.

‘Liam I was an idiot last night. I shouldn’t have slapped Niall, and I shouldn’t be mad at Maria!’ she cried.

‘Yes, you were an idiot, but it wasn’t your fault’ I smiled.

‘Thanks Liam’ she smiled, hugged me and went back out.

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