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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


11. On the 4th day of Christmas...


Part 11 - On the 4th day of christmas...



'Louis?' someone whispered in the dark. It was late the next night, and i was barly tired. We'd done nothing that day, slept in quite late, then just hung around the pool at Chelseas.

'Yeah?' i hissed.

'Its Sophie, i need to tell you something' she said nervously in the dim light shinning through the curtains.

'Whatcha need?' i smiled, patting the side of me and shuffling over for her.

'Im not sure wether i should tell you?' she bit her lip anxiously.

'Why? What is it? Please?' i begged.

'Well, remember when me Alicia and Eimer went surfing two days ago?' she sounded really worried.

'Yeah?' i urged her to continue.

'The lifeguard instructer dude... You know what, its not my business to tell you' she smirked, then got up and started to leave, but i stood up and skipped past everyone, standing in her way.

'Tell me' i ordered.

'Alicia was flirting with him' she finally rushed.

'What?' i said in disbelief.

'Im sorry Lou, i couldnt keep something like that from my bestfriend' she grinned.

'I wont tell her you said it' i promised, hugged her goodnight and clambered back into my bed.



So me, Maria and Paige stayed up to talk. We decided to go ibto my mum and dads room instead cause everyone else was sleeping in our room and we didnt want to wake them.

'Im tired guys, you coming to sleep?' Paige yawned.

'Nahh, still wide awake!' Maria exclaimed.

'Yeah me too, night' i smiled.

'So Chelsea, i need to ask you something, but im not sure if you like it or not?' she said, waiting in anticipation for my answer.

'Sure, ask away' i grinned.

'Well, what would you say if i got back with Niall?' she smiled. I was hurt on the inside, but tried to hide the pain and anger.

'Well, it would be great' i lied.

'Good, cause i kissed him when you left the other day!' she said excitedly.

'You did what?!' i screamed almost instantly.

'You said you'd be fine with it?' she said calmly.

'Yeah, that was before i found out you two were having a tounge party behind my back! Maria, how could you!?' i yelled.

'Guys, what the hells going on!?' Niall shouted as he ran into the room.

'You get out! Your the reason were arguing, so bog off!!' i said loudly, throwing a pillow which he dodged.

'Theres people trying to sleep!' Liam shouted at the top of his lungs from next door, along with multiple hits on the wall.

'Shut up!!' a few voices screamed from the other side.

Suddenly, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Paige, Sophie, Alicia and Eimer flung themselves into the room, followed by Caitlin shortly after.

'What the flack!?' Alicia directed a look at me, then Maria and Niall.

'Thanks' Harry muttered under his breath.

'Its her fault!!' me and Maria said in sync, pointing at each other while everyone watched in amazement. Me and Maria were stood bickering loudly, while everyone else just stood waiting for us to finish.

'STOP!' Niall silenced us, standing between to two of us. I let my snger get out of control, and slapped the irishman right across his face.

'Chelsea!!!' Maria sqealed, running to Niall to help him.

'Just shut up, youve ruined my christmas!!' i cried, in tears now, and ran out of the room, into the other spare room and locked the door.



'Chelsea?' I knocked on the door of the spare room as everyone broke away back to sleep.

'What!' she yelled back.

'Let me in?' i tryed the handle but it wouldnt turn. Somone suddenly crept up behind me and wrapped their arms around my waist.

'Hey gorgeous' a cheesy Liam popped his chin on my shoulder.

'Talking to me?' you winked and he punched my arm playfully, turning me round and kissing my cold lips sweetly.

'Urgh' someone sighed behind me, startling me and forcing me to investigate and break to lock of lips between me and Liam.

'You okay now?' i laughed to myself as Chelsea leaned against the doorframe pretending the throw up.

'Yeah i supose, i was pathetic, wasnt i?' she frowned, looking to the floor in shame.

'Yep' Liam whispered, so i chooed him off.

'Come on, lets go back to sleep' i dragged her back into her room where we were all sleeping. Maria glanced at me, giving me the 'Why the hell is she here?!' look. I just replied with the 'Be nice' look and got into my own bed.

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