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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


10. On the 3rd day of Christmas...


Part 10 - On the 3rd day of christmas...



I cant wait for christmas! 10 days left, and only 9 days left until Lous birthday! Were not doing much this year, just a nice meal at Nandos, again, we were stupid enough ti let Niall choose the place!

'Morning'Paige knocked on the door as i turned over.

'Hello' i smiled, and she shoved me over to sit against the wall on thr matress ubder the covers with me. She was cold, making me shiver.

'Sorry' she laughed as i chattered my teeth.

'Dont worry about it' i giggled, pulling the cover over myself too.

'Harry i cant do this anymore' she sighed.

'Do what?' i raised an eyebrow puzzled.

'Pretend im not in love with someone who i am' she whispered. I'd only just remembered Niall, Liam and Louis were still asleep. I think Zayn was downstairs with Caitlin.

'Im confused' i said

.'Are you sure your not blonde?' she joked, tugging lightly at my curls.

'Im sure, stop changing the subject, tell me what your on about!' i demanded

'It doesnt matter Harry' she breathed, getting up.

'No it does' i said, pulling her back down. I didnt mean to, but i brushed my lips against hers delicatly. It just came to me.

'Were just friends, you have to be patient, its all part of the plan' i whispered after id pulled off, then got up and left to room quietly. I was being mysterious, and it was quite fun!



I miss my Louis! Im just glad he and Alicia havnt talked that much. Ive become really good friends with her, just not with Louis so much, shes like my bestfriend, and Louis the one outside the box now.

'Sophie, you wanna come surfing with me and Eimer?' Alicia smiled, grabbing her bikini from downstairs that was draped over the back of the couch.

'Sure' i grinned and went upstairs to get my own stuff. A towel and my bikini was all i needed, i couldnt be bothered carrying anything else.

We walked down to the beach and hired three surfboards and three wetsuits. Then the instructer showed us briefly how to do it.

'Dont worry ive done it before' Alicia winked in his direction. Was she flirting with another guy?!

'What was that about?' i asked when the dude let us go.

'Just having abit of fun? Lighten up Soph!' she laughed, throwin herswlf onto the surfboard and into the water. She was quite good at it really, better than me anyway. Me and Eimer spent most of our time under the water instead of on the surfboards!




I miss Niall! I wanted to go surfing with the others today, but woke up to late and they were just leaving as i trailed downstairs.

Niall was outside, layed on a towel on the grass, just as i was going to have a little bit of a swim in Chelseas pool with her and Caitlin.

'Niall, you coming in?!' Caitlin blurted out. I directed a glace at her, as did Chelsea, so she just laufhed and stuck her head under the water as if no one was even there.

'Maria, Chelsea, can we just talk?' he shouted from across the garden.

'Why should we?' the two of us chorused.

'Because i was an idiot' he admitted.

'At least he got something right' i muttered under my breath.

'I heard that' he frowned, Chelsea sniggered.

'Why should we talk Niall? You cheated, then technically cheated again telling Chelsea you loved someone else' i cried as Chelsea just walked away.

'Thats the point, i was stupid, but i couldnt be with someone that i didnt love' he smiled fakly, getting up. I sat on the nearest chair, him on the one next to me.

'At least your finally owning up to it' i smirked.

'I saw a smile, thats got to mean im getting somewhere!' he laughed.

'Maybe' i winked, and he leaned in. We shared a passionate kiss, cute but long...

'Why are you doing this Niall?' i whispered under my breath.

'Cause I love you' he replied

'Dont tell Chelsea?' i asked.

'Of corse' he smiled, and kissed me again.

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