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9. On the 2nd day of Christmas...


Part 9 - On the 2nd day of Christmas...



It was really late that morning when i woke up, around 1.20pm! Niall had obviously woke up, ate dinner then went back to sleep. I was the first one awake, and saw Zayn was hugging me tightly, snoring lightly and i could feel his head beat. Paige and Harry were snuggled up which was unusual, with Sophie using Paiges legs as a pillow. Liam and Eimer were asleep on one side of another sofa, with Alicia and Sophie taking over the other end. Maria and Chelsea had fallen asleep on the last sofa top and tailing, and Niall had gone upstairs due to the drama. Paige was the next to wake. Neither of us could go anywhere, as we didnt want to wake anyone, so we sat talking quietly.

'So, do you think Harry will like the present you bought him?' i winked tiredly.

'He better, after all, i spent £3500 on that! Im just joking, i hope he does, no matter what the price was!' she laughed.

'Psst! You guys awake?' Chelsea hissed from the other couch.

'No, im sleep talling babe' i joked, throwing a pillow at me, thankfully missing, but waking Maria.

'Whats going on?' she yawned.

'Sorry' Chelsea appoligised.

'You guys fancing spending another day in town? Ive got a few presents left to get' Chelsea asked so we all nodded. I woke Sophie, Alicia and Eimer to see if they wanted to come, then slipped out of Zayns grasp, being carefull not to wake him.

'Whose you got left to buy?' Paige asked us all as we got on the bus and took seven full seats for ourselves.

'Ive just got Zayn, my mum and dads to get' i replied.

'Just yours' Alicia smiled pointed at Sophie.

'Louis, Zayns and Hazzas' Eimer smiled.

'Louis, but i know what im getting him' Sophie winked and i saw the jeleousy in Alicias eyes.

'Ive just got my mum, dad, brothers and sister to buy for, i forgot about theirs' Chelsea laughed.

'Ive not got no ones, except my dog' Maria giggled. The bus pulled up at the bus stop, so we jumped off after thanking the driver.

'Im going to pop off to get Louis present' Sophie smiled and Paige went with her.

Chelsea and Maria went off in another direction and me Alicia and Eimer went in different one to them all.



'Morning'Louis smiled, sitting on me as i was just waking up.

'Get off!' i laughed nd pushed him to the floor.

'Oww!' he squealed.

'That didnt hurt! Where are the others?' i said worridly when i saw no one else was here.

'The girls hve all gone shopping, and Zayn and Liam went with Niall to get us a late lunch cause they didnt trust him in a food shop alone' he chuckled softly.

'Cool, just us two then' i winked.

'You know what this means' he said mischiviously.

'We can get naked together?' i joked.

'No ew! I ment we can go through the others bags!' Louis said, jumping up and running over towhere we'd left them. I picked up Paiges first. When i dug deep inside i saw a hand wrapped small box with a little ribbon around it.

'No! Dont open that!!' Louis screamed, snatching it from my grasp as i was trying to.get it open.

'Why not?' i said confused

'Cause! It could be my birthday present!' he grinned, putting it bsck inside her bag where it was before.

'Okay then?' i said suspiciously. The door suddeny opened, almost hitting me and Louis in the head, ans Liam walked in. He stopped when he almost walked into us, causing Niall to bump into him and Zayn to bump into Niall. It was like dominos as they all fell in a huge pile on top of us.

'What were you guys doing?!' Liam huffed, pulling himself up, and grabbing the squashed food.

'Being nosy' Louis admtted happily but changed the subject to the food.

'What did you get?' he quickly said.

'Just fish and chips?' Zayn stated the obvious and Louis hit himself round the head.

'Ouch' he sajd calmly, and we all burst into hysterics!


*later that day*


Finally all my Christmas shoppings done!! Thank god! We all got everything we needed, so we spent the rest of the night wrapping and tying presents and bows upstairs away from the boys. There was 12 presents to wrap for my friends, plus another 5 for family. My fingers hurt from all the bow tying and doing that thing to theends that make them curly.

'Im done' Caitlin announced as she piled her gifts in the corner.

'Me too' Chelsea smiled, sticking the last piece of selotape to her last box, and also moving hers to the side of Caitlins.

'Help me wrap these last few? Paige directed a look and Caitlin wrapped a last present for her.

'You all done?' Chelsea smiled after she had just ran off to the loo.

'Yeah, just about' Sophie smiled, brushing a piece of ribbon off her. The room was almost full of presents when we were done!

'Coming downstairs?' i asked everyone as the room was just at clean and tidy.

'Sure' Paige, Chelsea, Caitlin and Eimer chorused.

'I'm tired, its getting a little late, i think i'm going to go to sleep instead' Sophie yawned.

'Yeah me too' Maria agreed, and they walked into Chelseas room where the seven of us were staying. It was squishy, but we managed to fit the six spare matresses on the floor, while the boys slept on five matrasses in Chelseas spare room. Its a good job she had a lot of matrasses!

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