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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


8. On the 1st day of Christmas...


Part 8 – On the 1st day of Christmas…



‘IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!’ Chelsea barged into my room, waking me up that morning.

‘It’s not? It’s the 13th?’ I said confused, turning over to check my phone.

‘Exactly!! On the first day on Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree!’ she sang happily.

‘Okay then’ I laughed, and threw the covers off, dragging myself out of bed.

‘You wanna stay at mine over this week? My parents are away and I’ve got the house to myself? I was going to ask everyone so it’s like a big sleepover’ she giggled, still texting on her phone.

‘Sure, my mums gone away for the holidays so I’m home alone for Christmas’ I said, pulling a sad face with my bottom lip out, making her laugh.

‘Okay, I’ll text everyone else too’ she exclaimed while I shoved a tonne of clothes in a bag messily.

‘Ready?’ she asked, tucking her phone into her bra and standing up.

‘Yeah’ I smiled and left, locking the door and shoving my keys in my pocket.

We walked down to her house together, to be greeted by a happy Niall. He waved and I was left gobsmacked when Chelsea went over a kissed him. WAIT, WHAT?! They kissed! I’m so confused! It was really awkward that I was just randomly stood there; watching them, but it was even more awkward when Maria walked round the corner.

‘So this is why you just walked to be friends?’ she said with tears filling her eyes.

‘Maria!’ Niall pulled away, looking at her, but she escaped and ran away in tears.

‘Good one mate’ I said sarcastically, handing my bag to Niall and sprinting after her. She was faster, but I was faster, and as we reached the end of the street, I grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

‘Maria!’ I shouted and saw her puffy red eyes and mascara stained cheeks.

‘I suppose Nialls moved on just as fast as he does with the next meal’ she sniggered, but I could tell she didn’t want to laugh.

‘Just ignore him. He’s being a little pathetic’ I bit my bottom lip and we walked back in the direction we’d just come from.

‘Are you ment to be staying with us all at Chelseas until Christmas?’ I asked while she dried her tears.

‘What are you on about? She never invited me?’ she replied confused.

‘I knew this would happen, come on, get some stuff from your house’ I suggested and pushed her into her drive. It was lucky that she only lived on the other end of the street from Chelsea. We all lived really close to each other, all in walking distance. Maria, Chelsea, Niall, me and Zayn all lived on one street, and Paige, Harry and Caitlin lived on the street opposite as they were in the same house. Sophie, Liam, Eimer and Alicia all lived on the second street down.

I explained to her sister what was happening while she got her stuff, and her sister allowed her to. We ran to Chelseas as it was pouring down with rain now, and most of the others were already there. Sophie and Alicia were sat giggling and chatting, so Maria went to go talk to them. Liam and Eimer were cuddled up on the sofa and I heard Chelsea sobbing from the kitchen. Paige, Harry, Zayn and Caitlin obviously weren’t here yet.

‘What’s u-?’ I started as I pushed open the kitchen door, but Chelsea pushed past me and ran out of Nialls back door it the soaking garden.

‘Wow, what’s going on?’ I said to Niall who was pacing up and down.

‘Lou, help me. I had to dump Chelsea’ he exclaimed.

‘Why?’ I answered surprised.

‘I think I’m still in love with Maria’ he muttered quietly, his head facing the floor.

‘Dude, nothing to be ashamed of’ I smiled, patting his shoulder.

‘I know, I know’ he frowned.

‘Go tell her then?’ I tried.

‘She hates me’ he stuttered

‘That’s what you think’ I said, walking out of the door as Harry and Zayn walked in.

‘Hiya, where’s Paige and Caitlin?’ Sophie asked confused.

‘They’re in town still shopping; I don’t understand girls and their love for shopping. Anyway, I told them to pick us each up our favourite milkshakes on their way back’ Harry smiled, jumping onto the sofa, squishing Liam and Eimer.

‘Thanks Haz’ Liam said sarcastically, pushing him onto the floor with a huge THUMP!

‘Ouch’ there was too much sarcasm going on today!

‘Wanna watch a film?’ Maria asked as her, Sophie and Alicia got comfy on a sofa together.

‘Titanic?’ Chelsea suggested, she’d just come back in as Maria had asked, so she startled us all a little.

‘Sure? You okay now?’ Sophie smiled and she nodded, getting the film ready and turning off the lights.



I’m glad me and Alicia are friends after all this, I mean, what she did was wrong, but I suppose it was Louis’ choice anyway. Were all friends anyway so it’s good, well except Niall, Chelsea and Maria. Both the girls are angry at Niall, but it’s his loss. He’s gone upstairs and I think he’s fallen asleep, but Paige and Caitlin still aren’t back.

Suddenly the front door flung open, and two figures came in laughing and giggling. Two loud thumps came and me and the other lads turned their heads to see. Chelsea and Maria were still watching the film.

‘SHHHHH!!!!’ they both screamed as they were crying at the same time.

‘Okay, who left their bags at the door!!!?’ Paige screamed as Harry laughed and helped her up.

‘Sorry’ I giggled.

‘Thanks Soph’ Caitlin joked and rubbed her knee.

‘You okay?’ Zayn asked her, shuffling over as she dumped her bag with ours.

‘Yeah fine thanks’ she sat down next to him, as he put his arm round her and warmed her up.

‘SHHHHHH!!!! Maria and Chelsea chorused as they kept their eyes fixed on the film.

‘You get everything?’ I asked Paige quietly.

‘Yep, I’ll show you later’ she winked. Confused me but I watched the film and fell asleep squished up on the couch with her and Harry. It was cute how he held her while she was sleeping; I missed when Louis did that to me…

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