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18. On the 11th day of Christmas...


Part 18 - On the 11th day of Christmas...



'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LOUISSSSSS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!' we all sang loudly as Louis stumbled down the stairs to see us with our party hats and party poopers.

'Awww, thanks guys!!' he smiled tearfully, coming over to hug us all, kissing me last.

'Happ Birthday!!' i smiled before he did, wrapping my arms round him tightly

'Thanks gorgeous' he said, making me gigglee

'Happy Birthday dude' Harry hugged him manly with a smile

'Thanks mann' he put his hand on his shoulder, then Harry ran off upstairs. He came back down not long after with a huge colourful giftwrapped box, bigger than him when he put it on the ground!

'That mine?' Lou pointed to it, a little shocked

'Yeah, its from all of us, well except Sophie' Paige explained.

Louis started to rip off the birthday wrapping paper, revealing a brown cardboard box. He reached for the lid, but as he did got the shock of his life when something popped out of the top, startling everyone, mostly Louis. When i took a second glace, i saw it was a tall man dressed in an orange carrot costume! And as i stepped closer and looked at the face, i saw cute blonde hair and Nialls pale face in the little hole, smiling away to himself, laughing and doubled over with a stitch!

'Oh my god, i hate you guys!!' Lou laughed, panting and holding his chest

'You should have seen your face!!' Zayn stuttered through hysterics

'Shut up' Louis joked sternly

'Dont worry, tht wasnt the real present' Niall giggled, reaching behind him in the box and struggling to pull out a neatly wrapped basket full over his favorite things. Carrots, salt, Yorkshire tea, a stripey top, a new set of braces, everything that was a memory, incuding a photo of us all in a cute frame! It was really sweet, and he even had tears in his eyes as he peeked through at everything.

'Aww, thanks guys!!' he snifled, pulling everyone into a group hug.

'I got you something too Lou' i smirked, running over to the corner of the room where i'd hidden his present behind the plant pot. He laughed as i penguin waddled over to him and handed him the envelope.

'Whats this?' he started ripping at the creased paper, pulling out the contents harshly. His face lit up...

'Two tickets for the 6th of Janruary to go see Robbie Williams live in cocert!!' he sqealed, his pace quicker than normal. I looked over to everyone else one by one, then reached Harry, whos face had dropped, puzzeling me slightly.

'Whats up Harry?' i questioned as Louis walked away to read through the tickets and papers.

'Oh, nothing' he faked a smile and shoed me off to go see Louis, who thanked me all day and kissed me passionatly, trying somehow to show his gratefulness.


*Later on*


'Whats up?' i smied, walking over to Harry whos was sat in the middle of the stairs, his head in his hands, sighing.

'I bought Louis the same tickets for christmas, just for the week after! What am i going to do?' he cried.

'Aww, you can put your name on my present? I just bought him a huge box of carrots, i can change the card?' i suggested kindly.

'Its fine, ill think of something' he sighed, running his fingers through his hair then sweeping it back to its original state.

'Sure? If you dont fine anything, let me know? Im happy to help' i smiled polietly and continued upstairs.

'Wait' he said wthout turning his head. I stopped and he stood up, taking my hand shakily.

'Remember the other night, when i kissed you?' he stuttered.

'Yeahhh?' i trailed confused again.

'Your still waiting right?' he grinned, wiping a piece of hair away from my eyes.

'How long?' i groaned.

'Well, since its just 5 hours until christmas?' he started without finishing, mysteriousnesd again!! Urg, i swear hes picked that up from Zayn!



'Louis, truth or dare?' i grinned as we started a game of truth or dare with us all sat in a circle on the floor like children.

'Truth?' he said, waiting for my question.

'Ermm, how many girls have you dated?' i asked personally.

'8' he muttered quietly after thinking, looking a little bit embarased.

'Why are you so embarased?' Paige asked

'Well it seems low to say we could have any girl in the world in sure! I wouldnt want a girlfriend that only dated me for the fact that im famous!' he explained, bringing tears to my eyes.

'Aww' Sophie, Maria and myself choursed, Louis hugging Sophie and Maria wiping tears away.

'Okay, enough of that, Maria, truth or dare?' he smiled, turning his head to face her.

'Dare?' she suggested, regreting it after.

'Kiss Alicia' he laughed at his joke.

'Im not a lesbian thanks' she giggled, cuddling up to Niall sweetly.

'Fine, eat that piece of toast that i threw on the side earlier cause the bread was mouldy' she looked discusted but got up and Niall went to go check she did it.

'Are we together?' i asked Zayn while they were gone

'Well i told you to be patient' he winked, and i snuggled down into his chest. I was tired, almost falling asleep.

'Ewwww!!' Maria shouted from the kitchen, making everyone laugh when she came in almost throwing up. Zayns stomach bobbed up and down as he chuckled, sweet!

'Thanks for a brilliam birtday guys, you want to just stick on a film?' Louis beamed his pearl white teeth at us all and flicked on the TV. We allowed him to pick the film since it was his birtday, and he picked Grease, letting us as fall asleep under blankets together within the first hour of Louis singing along with the songs.

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