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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


17. On the 10th day of Christmas...


Part 17 - On the 10th day of Christmas...



'So, you like Olly?' i winked at Chelsea while everyone else exited the living room to their own rooms and the pool.

'Who wouldnt!? Hes gorgeous!!' she laughed

'Not as gorgeous as Harry!' i muttered

'What?' she said, raising an eyebrow

'Nothing' i smiled

'Oh dont worry, i heard the first time! Just ask him out!' she giggled, pushing me playfully.

'He doesnt like me, or at least i dont think! And after he kissed me, he-' i started.

'Wait! You kissed him!!!?' she sqealed.'Yeah' i blushed

'Aww!!' she chuckled

'Anyway, then he told me to wait unil christmas, and since then he's just being really mysterious' i rest my head into the soft sofa arm, tired from staying up texting Danielle all night. Shes Liams ex but were really good friends still!

'Thats scary' she tilted her head slightly, thinking what it could mean

'Im not sure, ill just have to wait till christmas' i sighed heavily, pulling myself up and slumped off to get food.



*texting Eimer*

E-Hey gorgeous!!xx

C- Hiya!! 

E- So what did you think of Olly...?;)x

C- Hes, really nice?

E- Whats up?:L

C- Well... I think ive fallen head over heels for him already!://

E- Awww! Thats cute!!:*

C- Its not! I dont know what to do!! Helpp!?!? :()

E- Just tell him, i knew it from the start!!:D

C- Lol, it wasnt that obvious was it?;)

E- Yesss...

I decided to text Olly, tell him how i feel.



'Guys, im a little sick of sharing rooms with your four!' Louis laughed, rubbing his eyes sleepily

'Ask Chelsea if we can all swap rooms? You, Sophie, Haz and Paige in here, Zayn, Caitlin, Niall, and Maria in the other room, and me, Eimer, Alicia and Chelsea in the spare one?' Liam suggested, and Louis hopped up to go temp Chelsea

'Thanks Liamm' i joked with a chuckle added to the end

'Sorry, i could have been mean and said you Paige and Chelsea!' he giggled childishly

'Good point, but Louis snores!' i huffed playfully

'I heard that, lets get moving, Chelsea said okay!' Louis ninja jumped into the room weirdly, grabbing his bag and chucking it to the other side of the room. I threw mine to the matress oposite his, leaving one next to each of us.

'Sophie!! Paige!!' Louis walked to the top of the stairs and shouted.

'What?' thy ran upstairs quickly.

'Get your stuff, were all swapping rooms. You two are in here with us' Louis winked.

'Ill try not to get naked, i cant make any promises' i laughed

'I dont mind' Paige winked as she was leaving the room with Louis and Sophie to get their stuff.

'Now now children, no need to be getting up to anything' Louis giggled, pulling Sophies heavy bag behind him.

'Thanks Lou' she smiled, kissed him then jumped on the springy matress next to his.

'Does that mean im here?' Paige laughed, chucking her bag onto the end of it along with her duvet and pillow.

'Fortunatly' i muttered with a smile

'I heard that' she said without looking at me




*Texting Olly*

C- Hiii:)O- Hey!!  ive been wait for a text all day!

C- Aww, look Eimer said i should tell the truth, so i will...:L but im afraid

O- Afraid of what?:/

C- Rejection...

O- Eh? Who would reject you!

?C- Thats the thing... Hmm, your going to laugh when you hear this... Do you believe in love at first sight?

O- Depends who the girl is ;D

C- *cough*ME*cough*

O- Got a cold? Haha;)

C- Lovebug;) lmfaoxD

O- So, its me?

C- yes...

O- N'awwh!:*

C- Hmmm 

O - Well if it makes you feel any better, i think im in love too 

C- With who?:/

O- Your so blonde...

C- Huh?:L

O- You silly!!:D

C- Ohhhh!! I get it, aww;)

O- So...

C- So...

O- What now? :L

C- We meet up, run away with the wolves and start our new life in a cave...

O- Why? 

C- I was kidding...:L

O- Ohh!!

C- And IM the blonde one!!:D stupid!

O- Offensive.

C- Sowwyy!!;*

O- How could i not forgive a face like that every though i cant see it 

C- Cheeeeesyyy!!! Aww, cutie:*

I text Olly for the rest of the night, not about anything in particular. But i did learn that he has a nephew called Louis, he has 83 hats and looks up to Michael Jackson tonnes, aww!



*texting Marcus*

A- Heyy

M- Umm, Hi? Whos this?

A- You might not know me, but we go to school together, Caitlins friend, you know, the one with brown hair, blue eyes?

M- Oh, your Alicia!! I know you, blonde hair and blue eyes right? heyy 

A- Thats me!! Hii!

M- Aha, so what you need?

A- Well, i wanted to know if you'd like to go get a coffee sometime? 

M- That'd be nice, i hardly ever get time away from the studio so it'd be nice to spend a day with someone 

A- Great, do you know Chelsea? Tall, REALLY lighr blonde hair, blue eyes too?:)

M- Chelsea Hartley? Yeahh, shed one of my bestfriends, well was:)

A- Great! Were all staying over at hers for christmas so im here whenever you want to talk;)

M- Cool;) well how about i come over tomorrow morning? Around 11? We'll go out and get lunch if you want?

A- Sure!! See you then 

OMG!!!! I have to get sorted!! What am i going to wear?! How am i going to do my hair?! Oh god, shower here i come...



Theres was another knock at the door the next morning.

'Hi Olly? What are you doing here?' i asked confused

'I came to see Chelsea' he winked and she jumped down the stairs like an elephant

'HI!!!!' she sqealed and ran over to hug him. I was about to leave when i saw the two of their eyes meet romanticlly.

'Does this mean were, like, you know...?' Olly whispered, biting his lip nervously

'Together?' Chelsea replied

'Yeahhh' Olly sighed worridly

'Depends wether you want to?' she smiled.

Before i could say anything, they shared a passionate kiss, Ollys arms wrapped around Chelseas waist and her arms round his neck tightly

'I think it does' i giggled, making them both jump and spin round

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