I wish

*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


2. Now we're settled...


Part 2 - Now were settled...



She seems nice, i supose. I havent really got to know her right, but when i told the lads about her and what she looked like, she seemed exactly Zayns type!

'Haz, go wake Caitlin up for me please' mum said while washing the dishes.

'Fine.' i grunted and stomped upstairs.

'Caitlin, wake up!' i shouted and threw a pillow at her.

'Harry!' she screamed and threw it back.

'Wake up' i laughed.

'Yeah, nice way' she said sarcasticaly getting up and yawning.

'Sorry, not a morning person at all!' i said.

'Its fine' she smiled.

'Morning Caitlin' mum said as we walked in a sat on the sofa.

'Morning' she said back.

'Harry, are the boys coming over today?' she asked, leaning against the doorframe drying a plate.

'Nahh, Louis got to babysit his sisters and Nialls going out with his mum. Liams got a date with Eimer and Zayns just sitting at home like a loner, probably doing the english essay.' i said.

'Okay, you can show Caitllin round abit then, introduce her to some people and stuff. And i want you to get yours done too!!' she said with the finger. He pulled a funny face and she went back to wash the dishes.

'You don't have to show me round Harry' she exclaimed and i shook my head.

'No it fine, need to make sure you don't get lost or anything!' i grinned and she laughed a little.

'Thanks Haz.' she replied.

'I'll invite Zayn too if hes not busy?' i suggested and her face lit up.

'Okay!' she said excitedly.

'Caitlin, Harry, breakfasts ready!!' mum shouted and i ran to the kitchen, fighting with Caitlin to get the best seat. We fell on the ground in hysterics and mum just stared and us and laugheed.

'Come on, does it mattter who gets which seat?' she said and we both looked to each other, then the her and nodded in sync.

'Just sit down and eat' she chuckled and we both grabbed a stool and sat round the island counter instead.

'So, i'll just show you the main things, like the bakery and the post office and everything like that, okay? Oh and the school and a quick tour round the town centre' i explained and she nodded.

'Okay, im going to go get changed and unpack, i'll tell you when  im ready?' she said, finishing her drink and jumping off the high stool.



'Hey Zayn, you wanna come show Caitlin round with me? Hazz:)' Harry text me at about 11am this morning.

'Sure, i'll meet you later though cause im almost finished with this English essay and want to hang out with you, Louis, Niall and Liam tomorrow, Z' i replied and he just sent back a 'K'

I quickley wrote the last two paragraphs of my 5000 word essay and printed it off, shoving it in my school bag and pulling some high tops on. I walked down to Harrys, as he only lived round the corner, and rang the doorbell.

'Hey Zayn' Harrys mum smiled when sh'd opened the door.

'Hii' i replied and she invited me in. Harry jumped downstairs and jumped on me, and Caitlin came down a few miutes later. I'd never seen her before, but she looked gorgeous!!! My mouth fell and she giggled at me, so i quickly closed it and grinned.

'You must be Caitlin' i winked and she chuckled.

'Yep, and your Zayn Malik' she beamed a big smile showing her perfect white teeth.

'Yup, shall we go?' i asked Harry and Caitlin.

'Yeahh' Harry said, leading the way.

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