I wish

*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


3. Lets get going...


Part 3 - Lets get going...



The girl next door looks really nice. I texted my bestfriend, Maria, and asked her to come over. Within 30 seconds, she was knocking on my door, and had ran straight to the fridge to get food.

'Typical' i laughed as she came into the living room with a chocolate bar shoved in her gob.

'Im hungry! I skipped breakfast cause you text me!' she protested, then jumped on the sofa next to me.

'Fair enough. You seen Harys cousin yet? Zayn says shes really nice' i asked.

'Nope, you seen Niall, i was going to ask him if he wanted to come on a picnic with me, Louis and Soph, but i cant get hold of him?' she asked.

'Oh, not sure, hes probably still asleep' i sighed. Maria was Nialls girlfriend. I was a little bit jelous of her. She doesnt know i like him, but i do...

Weve both been bestfriends since were really small, and shes lived just across the road from me forever! We did everything together, she was my back bone. Our other friends were Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Paige, Eimer, Sophie, Alicia and now Caitlin. I hadnt met her, but Zayn liked her, Harrys was her cousin and if she was anything like him, she would fit in brilliantly.

'You want to walk over to Liams and see what hes doing?' i suggested and she nodded, grabbing an apple from the fridge and skipping out. Her beautiful long blonde hair blew in the wind against her back. Her blue eyes sparkled and her freckles were starting to come out dotted around her face nicely.

As we left my house, i looked up at Harrys house, and he was stood in the window waving. He held up a hand and gestured me to wait for him.

'Where you going?' he ased when he came to the front door.

'Down to Liams, want to come?' i shrugged and he agreed. Me and Maria waited in his hallway.

'Harry!' his mum shouted. She smiled as she saw us and waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

'Yeah?' he yelled back.

'If your off out, take Caitlin with you please!' she said loudly.

'Okay' he huffed.

'Hurry up' we heard from downstairs.

'I'm coming!' another more girly voice screamed back.

Harry and another girl came running down the stairs laughing. She was really pretty, and had beautiful short brown hair.

'Chelsea, Maria, this is Caitlin' Haz said pointing to the girl behind him.

'Hi' me and Maria chorused and she waved.

'Shall we get going? Zayn, Louis, Eimer, Sophie, Alicia and Paige are at Liams too' i asked as i sent Liam a message back.

'Yeah, lets go!' Maria said excitedly and rushed out of the door.



Everyones sat at mine round the pool, while Louis doing backflip after backflip in the water up and down and up and down. There was suddenly a knock at the door. I couldn't be bothered to get up so just shouted to them.

'COME IN!!!' i screamed as loud as i could. The door opened and in walked Harry, Maria, Chelsea and another girl that i think was called Caitlin.

'Hey Liam, this is Caitlin' Harry said and pointed at the girl.

'I thought so, hey' i smiled. I saw Zayn staring at her as she walked past and jumped on the sunbed between him and Sophie.



Alicias flirting with Louis and i cant sit here and watch anymore! Im Louis' girlfriend, not her! If she doesnt stop chatting him up, serious shiz is gonna go on! Liam goes out with Eimer, i go out with Louis and Maria goes out with Niall. Harry and Paige split up about a month ago, but its obvious they want to get back together, and Zayn looks amazed by Caitlin already! I hope everything goes well, but honesly if Alicia cant get her hands off Louis, she wont have hands anymore!!!

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