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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


7. Just friends...


Part 7 - Just friends...



'Sophie?' Louis said as he bumped into me while i was walking to Harrys. Me and Paige were off shopping for Christmas so i was in a little rush.

'Oh, hi Louis' i frowned, looking to the floor.

'Can we talk?' he asked.'Sure you dont have to get to Alicias or something?' i replied madly.

'Nothing was going on Sophie!' he said a bit louder.

'Didnt look like it' i came back in the same tone.

'Just look, can we just be friends if you dont want to date me? I dont want to loose my bestfriend!' he cried.

'Just friends?' i repeated suprised.

'Yeah?' he raised an eyebrow, and i nodded. He gave me a smile, so i returned it and he allowed me to leave.

'Sorry im late, Louis wanted to talk to me about the thing that happened' i smiled as Paige let me in once i'd knocked.

'What did he say?' she asked, pulling a jumper over her head and then fixing her hair.

'Oh, erm nothing' i opened the door again, and stepped outside, followed by abpuzzled Paige.



Hes finally mine! I feel like an evil genius or something, but i wasnt going to sit there and let the guy i loved slip away from me every second! I kissed him after hid fight with Sophie, and? All because i wanted him, and it payed off!



Niall clearly moved on fast!

'Caitlin?' i answered the phone as it rang next to my ear.

'Was just wondering what you wanted for christmas?' she sounded happy while i was sat home thinking about my Niall.

'Niall' i admitted, tears rolling down my cheeks.

'Im sure everything will be fine hun' she said sympathetically.

'Its not!!' i screamed before slamming the phone down and bursting into even more tears.

'You okay Caitlin hunny?' my mum knocked on the door worridly.

'Im fine mum!' i shouted back.

She then went back downstairs from what i heard, and i returned to my crying. I suddenly had an idea, the only way i could think of to stop the heart ache. There was a sharp razor blade on the bathrom windowsill...



Sophie and me are stil you christmas shopping, ive got Zayns, Nialls and Liams bought, my mum, dad, four siblings and aunts too. It was just Harrys i was strugling to find. Sophie had bought all the boys a new outfit to match their personalitys, and id got them eat something they loved. I didnt spend loads on them, but they were nice presents! I just couldnt find anything unique or special to get Haz!

'Sophie, help, what do i get Harry?' i pleaded as i looked in side every shop that we walked past.

'What about a new chain, he said his was geting rusty and it broke?'

'Maybe, walk over to Warren James with me?' i draged her long anyway so he could say no.

'Is it Gold or Silver?' she asked as i looked through the glass cabinets on the walls.

'Silver' i replied quickly.

'Why are you so bothered about what you get him? You dont go out anymore, you still love him dont you?' she read my mind.

'No' i muttered, but i was the worlds worst lier.

'Yes you do!' she smiled, proddig my arm making me laugh.

'Sh, i dont want him to know!' i gigled, still looking through the clear glass, my nose pressed against the surface and leaving prints.

'That one!' i shouted, and an old woman next to me hused me as everyone turned to look at me.

'Which one?' Sophie whispered. I pointed to a beautiful silver link chain, with a cross and heart pendant attached with a single metal ring.

'Its gorgeous! But look at the price! Plus engraving if you wanted that!' she squealed and her eyeballs almost fell out as she saw it. I took another glace and my heart sank.

'So where are you going to get to spare £3000 from?' she said seriously as we slumped out of the shop and sighed.


*the next day*


'WHAT!?' Louis shouted down the phone after he sat listening to whoever was on the other end.

'Okay, thanks' he said sadly and hung up, then walked back over a huffed, holding the bridge of his nose.

'Whats going on?' i asked.

'Well the fact that managment might be moving us to America, but other than that, mum told me my goldfish just died' he said, trying to ease the tension a little. We all sat with shooked faces on, annoyed at the same time.

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