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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


4. Jealousy takes over...


Part 4 - Jeleousy takes over...



I'm not a jeleous person, well maybe a little. Okay a lot. When Sophie and Louis, and Maria and Niall, and Liam and Eimer are there having a blast and being cute together, it makes me feel so awful. Harrys never forgiven me for cheating, not on the inside anyway. Hes always pretended hes fine with it, and he's happy were friends, but i think he hates me and he'd probably never speak to me again if i didnt share his house. My mum passed away and i didnt have anywhere to go since i didnt have a dad either. His mum allowed me to live with them since we were going out which i was so thankful for! I'd been visiting my cousins in Wales when Caitlin got there, and only came back late yesterday night. But I didnt mean to cheat! When Danny O'Donogue leans in to kiss you, theres no saying no to that Irish cutie!!! What am i kidding myself, i was an idiot! All these memories flooding back and swished round my head as i watched Louis chuck Sophie into the pool and her chase him through Liams house. Louis slipped on the kitchen tiles and went straight into the french doors on his way back, making everyone burst into hysterics.

'Thanks Liam' he said, rubbing his head.

'Sorry, i thought you were staying there' he laughed and sipped his drink.

Louis playfully hit him, so Liam just used a finger to push Louis in the pool as he did with Sophie.

'My hair!!!!!' he screamed, fixing it back to its perfect flippy way.

'Get over it Louis, have you seen mine!!?' Zayn shouted, looking at himself through the window.

'Guys you both look fine' Harry shouted.

I couldn't help but keep my glance on him. It was as if me and him were the only people in Liams garden. Oh how i missed those gorgeous curls and his beautiful eyes...



'So Caitlin, you enjoying it here then?' i asked as Caitlin lay next to me sunbathing.

'It's really nice!! You've all welcomed me so much. But whats up with Haz?' she asked quietly.

'Oh, he's always like this when everyones together, he says he feels lonley because he doesnt have Paige anymore or something? He's fine' i reasured her. He looked gorgeous in the sunlight, and the bikini made everything nicer!



'Louis!!' i called him over as he and Sophie started talking.

She sighed and let him come gladly and he sat at the side of the pool next to me.

'Whatcha need?' he said in a funny voice.

'Nothing, i just wanted to talk' i smiled and sat my the pool splashing each other chatting while Sophie watched in jeleousy.



I ran through the house crying my eyes out as a few pairs of footsteps followed me up. I knew exactly where Liams room was, so sprinted into it and attacked his bed, burying my head into his pillow.

'Maria!!' someone shouted as they entered.

'Go away!' i shouted. I knew who it was.

'No, whats up!?' Paige screamed, sitting on the bed by the side of me and rubbing my arm.

'Niall!!' i replied, sitting up. Liam walked in, but Paige chooed him out.

'What happened?' she asked kindly.

'He dumped me over text from the other side of the garden!' i cried. She hugged me and i sobbed on her shoulder for a few minutes.

'Did you see him do it?' she questioned and i shook me head.

'No, but he had his phone next to him, between him and Chelsea! I didn't see him write it as i went to get a drink and left my phone on the seat!' i asnwered, still crying.

'You don't know it was him then do you?' she smiled lifting my chin up and forcing a smile out of me.

'Thanks' i replied, then wiped my mascara stained cheeks.

'It's fine, want me to come back to yours with you?' she sugested and i nodded slowly.

We walked downstairs, and straight past Niall. I directed some 'evil eyes' at him, and he gave a shocked look back. Paige turned her head, but i saw her fingers go up behind me, making me smile.



What did i do!!?

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