I wish

*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


1. In the beginning...


Part 1 - In the begining...



'Hurry up Caitlin! Your aunt will be here any minute!!!' my mum shouted from downstairs. I didnt want to go, not one bit, but i plodded along down the stairs with my suitcase.

'Don't give me that look' she said as i walked past.

'What look?' i asked ignorantly.

'That one, your going and thats that. No buts' she said, and pushed me out of the door.A discusting yellow beetle pulled up outside of the gate. A fake tanned, caked in make up, extensions and plastic womoan got out and smiled. I sighed, but my mum pulled me over to her.

'Caitlin!!!' she shouted and hugged me tightly.

My mum mimed the words 'be nice' from behind her and i just pulled a face.

'You'll love it in Cheshire! Its really nice and your cousin is going to be there too. Are you a fan of One Direction?' she asked pointing to my jumper. I looked down and reallised i had my 'I heart One Direction' hoodie on.

'Yeah!!! Hope you dont mind, but im filling the walls of my room with posters of them, i dont care what anyone says!!' i grunted and my mum directed a look at me.

'Its fine, we better get going, its a long drive to Cheshire!' she shrugged and i hugged my mum goodbye. As i got into the uncomfortable ride, my mum waved at me so i waved back. This was going to change my life for ever.

*in Cheshire*

That jorney felt like 3 weeks, not just 3 hours! My aunt just talked and talked about how much fun it was going to be and everyhting! I ignored her and sang along to the radio.When we arrived at her house, it was quite big and looked expensive. She unlocked the door and let me pulled my suitcase into the huge hallway. This hall was about as big as my living room. She gave me a quick tour of the house, all 3 floors, and the attic room, where i was sleeping. It was cold but she said she was going to get some builder dude in so they could fix some heating for me. I wasnt moving into that room, i was going to be staying in the room next door to my cousin. Yay. I'd never met him before, so for all i know he could be the weirdest person alive!! Oh god, now im worried.

'Caitlin!!' my aunt shouted from downstairs. I was trying to bluetack posters to the white walls, but i finished sticking it up and strutted downstairs.

'Yeah?' i said as i entered the living room to see shock stood right infront of me.

'Hey' a husky voice came from the beautiful boy that was sat on the sofa. I just stared in disbelief.

'Errm, im-' i interupted him with a squeal.

'Your Harry Styles!!' I screamed.

'Always have been' he smiled.

'Sorry, just a little bit excited! I cant believe Harry Styles is my cousin. How come no one told me about this earlier!' i said a little bit calmer.

'Its fine, i get it all the time.'he laughed.

'HAZZ!!!' a cute irish accent shouted from the kitchen.

'Is that?' i whispered and he nodded.

Niall popped his head round the doorway and smiled.

'Harry, why do you have no cookies left!?' he yelled making me laugh.

'You ate them all last time you were here!' he replied and Nialls face dropped.

'So, do you like t here now?' aunt whispered from next to me as we both watched Harry and Niall squabeling.

'Yup!' i grinned and sniggered.

'It's late, you should get some rest. Leave your bags, i'll help you unpack tomorrow, then you've got Sunday to look round, and Monday your in a new school' she smiled and i went upstairs to sleep. I was still shocked at how Harry Styles was my cousin! And i couldn't wait to meet the other boys and get to know them.

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