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5. Falling apart...


Part 5 - Falling apart...



I still cant believe Niall did that! You dont just text someone from across the garden and say your breaking up with them! Its pathetic!My phone woke me up that morning. It was buzzing on my bedside table, and i picked it up, looking at the unknown number cautiously. I answered it and slowly said hello.

'Paige! Dont you dare hang up on me! Whats wrong with Maria?!' a familliar Irish accent bellowed down my ear.

'Niall, you broke her heart!' i screamed and was about to hang up.

'What are you talking about?!' he yelled back.

'You text her, at Liams yesterday, saying you and her were over!' i shouted and hung up. Multiple texts came through, so i just chucked the vibrating phone onto the sofs in the corner of the room and it got stuck between the two cushions. I then went back to sleep, or at least i tried to!

'Wakey wakey!!' Harry hopped into my room loudly, jumping on the bed excitedly.

'What!' i startled him a little. I hated being woke up like that, he did it every morning.

'Sorry, i thought you'd want to come to town with me? My mum wants me to go stock the fridge and get her friend some things for christmas. I'm doing my christmas shopping while im there' he laughed when i sat up as soon as he mentioned shopping.

'Sure!!' i perked up a little and slung myself out of bed, pushing him out so i could get changed. It was a little breezy when i opened the window, so i pulled on a pair of warm black jeans and my old uni jumper. I dropped out after my first few tests as it wasnt for me, and all the teachers told me that i was dumb and couldnt get a simple mark on any test.

'Ready?' i asked knocking on the door and opening it slightly.

'Yeah, just getting some shoes' i replied happily as i forced my feet into some wrecked fake uggs. I only payed £5 for them so i didnt care. You could see my odd fluffly socks peek out of the top, that made me giggle a little as i looked like a clown or something, but i didnt care really.

'Hurry up' he said, tucking his shoe lace into his shoe. I pushed him over and he stumbled then pushed me down stairs. I managed to regain my baance and allowed him to first. He ran down them before i could throe him down and i walked down after him. We fought like brother and sister, but we were just friends. Just friends... The words danced round my head silently, but sadly they remained the same, without change.



'Keep your hands off my Louis' i text Alicia this morning and never got a reply. Louis hadnt talked to me all morning either, so i decided to call Zayn. He said he was with Caitlin, so invited me round. I went over, but on my way there, found something horrific and heartbreaking.

'Shes there. Across the road from me, while her and Louis are walking hand in hand together! How could he do this to me!?' i cried and i looked through Zayns window.

'Im sure nothings going on' Caitlin reassured me.

'Nothings going on?! Hes walking down the street holding hands with her!' i screamed. I stormed out of the room and marched down the stairs, out of the front door and stood in amazement as he still held hands and walking right before my eyes, holding hands with, that!

Alicia saw me and smiled evily, making Louis turn his head and his mouth formed an 'O' as his blue eyes burnt into my skin.

'Sophie! Its not what it looks like!!' he rushed, running over and leaving Alicia in the middle of the street.

'Its not what it looks like?! Go tell someone who cares Louis!!' i exclaimed loudly, ripping a necklace from around my neck, slamming it on the floor, and running home in tears. The necklace was the one that Lou had bought me for last valentines. I hadnt taken it off since. I didnt feel right without it...



'Lou im sorry, don't get yourself down about it' Alicia tryed comforting me while i untangled the necklace.

'Its not your fault. Im going to go home now, ill catch you later' i sadly announced, and she nodded. It was her fault, but i wasnt going to say that. She was my bestfriend, and i couldnt bear to loose two girls. Sophie wont take me back now. I just know it.



I've been here 4 days, and already met One Direction, found out Harrys my cousin, formed a crush on Zayn, and whitnessed two heart breaks! Most drama i've had in a while.

'You want to go to Shake'Away?' Zayn suggested.

'Whats that?' i asked confused.

'Come on, i'll buy you my favorite' he winked and grabbed a jacket, pulling me along. His hands were warm in my palm and i could feel my cheeks going bright red.

We arrived at the little building on the corner of the street, and i grabbed a table while Zayn went off to get us two milkshakes. The inside was decorated quite bright and exciting. I was admiring the menu and guessing possibilitys of what Zayn was getting, when he came back with two large shakes. They had napkins round them, and i tryed to peel it off but he stopped me.

'I want you to drink it first, tell me what you think' he smiled and sat himself on the stool opposite me.

I tryed the smooth creamy milkshake, and i actually thought it was really nice!

'Thats gorgeous, whats in it?' i asked.

'Well its got Diam, Chocolate Digestives,Twix, Jammy Dodgers, and then the blue things are blueberry millions' he smiled.

I toook of the napkin and saw it was their own 1DShake!

'I've always wanted to try one of these!' i grinned.

'Good' he beamed a smile back, melting me a little.

'You've got milkshake on your lip' i laughed.

'Oops' he said embarrased, going to get it off, but i stopped him.

Before he could say anything, i leaned of the table, and brushed my lips against his. He seemed confused, but i felt his smile emerge.

'It's gone' i winked when we'd finished and he chuckled lightly.

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