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19. Christmas...


Part 19 - On the 12th day of christmas...



'ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!' Louis burst out of his room at 8am and screamed, waking everyone up!

'Urggg, i dont care if its christmas i should get a lie in!!' Chelsea moaned, dragging herself downstairs behind me. I'd followed Louis childishly to see what 'santa' had brought us, and stared at the huge pile of gift boxes under the gorgeously decorated tree that had magically appeared infront of the window.

'Who did this?' i smiled when everyone was downstairs, but no one replied.

'Look!' Louis pointed to a note clinging to the branch of the bright plastic tree stood magesticly there.

'Merry Christmas guys! Olly.x' he read aloud, and Chelsea automatically smiled to hear his name. Obviously they were dating, its not hard to tell

!'Aww, cutie' Eimer smiled, taking the note and pinning it back where it was.

'Lets have breakfast, then we'll get unwrapping?' Chelsea smiled, rushing off to get herself some cereal.



Ding dong...We have a door bell? How weird? I opened the front door to see two gorgeous boys smiling with christmas sweaters and scarf hung roudn their necks. I recognised one instanlty, the other i had to think about.

'Olly!!' i screamed and hugged him tightlyy.

'Marcus!?' Alicia ran in and did the same to the other, pushing me out into the cold outside

'Now i have wet feet, thanks alicia!' i joked, leaving footprints in the white snow on my porch. I invited the two of them in, and they warmed up infront of thefire.

'Thanks for the tree' i laughed, coming through the door with a face full of cornflakes.

'How attractive' he joked

.'Lets unwrap!!' Louis ran in through the living room doors and sat next to the pile of gifts that were bigger than him.

'Whos first?' i smiled and Louis raised his hand.

'mememememememememememe!!' he shouted so i handed him mine. He ripped viciously at the paper i'd taken so much care to prepare, showing the new two tops i'd bought him, stripy of corse with some orange braces

.'Aww, thanks!!' he started off his own little pile behind him, and hugged me kindly

'I want to go next!' Zayn giggled, picking up Paiges presen

t'Oh yay!!!' he sqealed as he unwrapped a mirror with a pretty blue frame to hang on his wall. Like louis, he hugged her and started his pile.

'Me?' Chelsea said, taking the one infront of her from Harry. It was cute little pair of slippers, with Nialls face on the front! She laughed when she saw them ad placed them on her feet after thanking him.



We unwrapped the presents, and i got alot of really nice things! Paige bought me a pink Pandora charm braclet which iw as pleased about, while Chelsea bought me a new dress and Liam so shoes to match. I also got some new GHDs from Maria and some make up from Eimer. Harry bought me a collection of braclets and Louis some perfume. Niall bought me some make up too, and Zayn copied Louis with the perfume. Lastly, Chelsea got me a sweet little globe that you shake and its all glitery. I left Marcus' present til last, as did everyone else with their boy or girls. We opened them seperatly, cute things.

'I want to open Marcus' first!' i said excitedly, and he handed me a little jewelry box with a neat piece of ribbon tied round it. It was a new pair of diamond earings, a set in pink and a set in white! Aww!

'Thank you!!' i sqealed, pushing the pink pair through the holes and using one of Zayns mirrors to look at them, 'their gorgeous!'

'Ill open your next!' Marcus grinned at me, revealing the mug with us both on and our names printed on the bottom, a message after, simply saying 'I love you!'.

'Aww, Olly can go make me a drink now' he laughed, handing him the cup. Olly just sighed and slumped off to make him it.



'Me next!' Eimer giggled. I fished out the present from under the tree, that was messily covered with paper. I teared the corner, and it all fell off, showing me a sweet white bear holding s heart with my name in it, three cadburys chocolate bars tucked behidn the bears arm. I kissed Liam gave over his. It was a photo frame of us both, with various pictures of us together! I saw tears in his eyes and he returned the kiss terderly.



'Us next?' i directed the look at Harry and he laughed, finding both of ours for us. I'd been waiting for ages to give Harry thr £400 pound chain that i'd seen, and just hoped he liked it, which thankfully he did, and i loved seeing his face as he inspected it suprised.

'How the hell did you get this!?!' he yelled happily, not letting go to my hand.

'Im just amazayn!' i laughed and he nodded.

'You sure are!! And heres yours!!' he found the little jewelry box, identicle the the only Marcus had give Alicia, but mine containing an expensive looking whte diamond ring, a perfect fit!

'OMG! I love it, thank you, thank you, thank you!' i sqealed, pushing it onto my finger and admiring it all the time!

'Dont worry about it babe' he winked. Did he just call me babe?

I pulled him away to the kitchen while everyone else looked at their already open gifts for the moment.

'Whats going on Harry?' i questioned. He moved closer, so i could feel his warm breath against my flustered cheeks.

'I love you' he whispered, then kissed my soft red lips sweetly. It was better than the last time, the last time was just a peck. This is intense...



'Can i go next?' i winked at Olly, signalling him to dig out the two presents for us. He handed me the beautifully wrapped box. I lifted to lid and was astounded to see a beautiful pair of silver high heeled shoes, all sparkly and gorgeous!! They were a perfect fit but i could barly walk in them!! Ill learn...

'Aww thank you!' we both said in sync, and i looked up to see him already opening my gift to him. He placed the cute trilby hat on his head and i handed him Zayns mirror to check himself out. It was straw with a little red ribbon around the top. It fit nicely on his head, and he looked cute as ever!



'Us next!' Louis shouted, diving into the huge pile and pulling out two boxes. I opened mine, and found a gorgeous new snake skin bag, purple with cute silver chain handles. He opened mine and pulled out my joke gift, a sqeeky toy that was for dogs, even if it was a carrot!! I'd already told him that i'd take him out for lunch before they left for Australia. It was going to be weird not seeing him for 6 months, but after that, we've planned to go to the Bahamas for a month! Ekk!



'Ill open mine now?' Niall suggested, i handed him the card. It had inside it a voucher for Nandos, and £20 as i wasnt sure what he wanted at all! He gave me a little black box, containing some silver earings in the shape of a four leaf clover! Aww!!



'Your last babe, open mine?' Zayn winked, throwing a big box in my direction. He'd already opened my gift, and i'd bought him a new varsity jacket and some new high tops.

I pulled on the ribbon, letting it unravel itself and Chelseas cat came and played with it, rolling around in the screwed up wrapping paper on its back. I laughed, then took off the lid of the silver box on my lap. I pulled out the sweet little short silver sparkly dress, it matched Chelseas heels from Olly perfectly!!

'Oh my god thank you!!' i sqealed, hugging Zayn tightly. He let go of me, and looked into my eyes deeply. His face was close to mine, and i leaned forward, until our lips brushed past each other calmly. A group of 'aww's camw from behind me, and i rested my forehead on Zayns after. He smiled, and i returned the favor.



Going to be like a narrator now, role play ON!!It was the most perfect christmas ever!! I got my dream girl, Zayn and Caitlin finally got together and Alicia coughed up the guts to ask Marcus out. Niall and Maria, Liam and Eimer, Chelsea and Olly, and Louis and Sophie were still all together fine! We went to Australia for 6 months as managment were being idiots and they wouldnt let us take the girls, however they visited us as often as they were aloud. We got home and they had planned a huge suprise party for us, welcoming us back fantasticlly! Aww :D

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