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*instert un-nessacary blurb which just gives away the story and i don't want to do that so please read here :')*


6. Back on track, ready to crash and burn...


Part 6 - Back on track, ready to crash and burn...




I finally coughed up the courage to ask out Caitlin! Well, it would have never happened if she hadnt have kissed me. Feeling so lucky!!



'Maria just talk to me' i shouted through her bedroom door. Her mum let me in, however Maria wasnt being as co-oprative!

'No!' she yelled, i could hear the pain in her voice.

'It wasnt me!!' i protested.

'It was your phone Niall!!!' she screamed through the white wood.

'Suzie, will you open Marias door for me?' i asked polietly as Marias mum walked up the stairs.

'Of corse Niall' she smiled and went into her room, retrieving a key for me. I unlocked the door and barged in, slamming it behind me. She instantly listed her head and sighed.

'Niall, just go away' she huffed.

'No, wether you don't want to talk to me, i want to talk to you' i stamped my foot madly.

'Explain yourself then' she said ignorantly.

'It wasnt me!!' i repeated.

'If it wasnt you, who was it?' she said with all the hand gestures.

'I don't know!! I can prove it! I was sunbathing with Chelsea, Zayn and Caitlin!' i screamed.

'Yeah, your new girlfriend' she muttered, but i pretended i hadnt heard it.

'Please, one more chance' i pleaded.

'Fine, but just as friends' she said.

'Fine' i forced a smile onto my lips.

'Okay' she replied with a grin.

'You want to go to the park?' i asked. I just wanted to get out and have a short walk with her.

'Erm, i can't, i'm going, erm, out' she said.

'Where?' i questioned.

'Somewhere' she answered and left. I walked through the woods home and got home at about 5pm. Mum made me dinner and i just sulked for a while while my brother bugged me.




I was quite glad to be spending a day with Paige. We've only been shopping about an hour, and i havent found anything decent to get for anyone! All i've got is the things my mum wanted and two new pairs of chinos for myself. Paige has bought herself a new dress for her mum and dads engagment party, were all going.

'Can we go down to the market?' she asked when i was done getting Liam and Zayns present. I'd bought Zayn a new mirror as his was getting old and was too small, and i got Liam a teddy bear, im cute. However it was holding a spoon...

'Sure, why?' i asked as we walked along through the busy crowds of people trying to get their shopping done.

'Need to get Lou's present' she winked.

As we arrived at the outside market part, she rushed over to the fruit aand veg section, and i laughed as she bought a lot of carrots and a gift wrapped box from the stall next to it.

'Nice gift, i've already got him something' i smiled and helped her shove it into bags.

'What?' she asked and i shook my head.

'Not saying. I've just got Nialls, yours, and the rest of the girls to get' i said.

'I've got everyones to get except Louis! I've got mums and dads, and i've got all my brothers and sisters. I know what im getting the girls, might get them today?' she replied as we headed towards the street shops again.

'What are you getting them?' i asked eagerly.

'They've all been wanting Pandora braclets for ages so im just going to get them alll one' she smiled as she pushed me into the direction of the store.

I waited outside while she quickly went in and bought the 6 braclets. Its a wonder shes not broke by now!


By the end of that day i was so tired!! My arms were killing me and i still hadnt got everything! I still needed to get Paiges, Chelseas, Marias, Alicias, Sophies, Caitlins and Eimers, not to mention my mums! This was going to be hell! I'd found Niall a nice leprechurn costume and bought him some gift vouchers for Nandos, that should make him happy!

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