Accidental Fate - One Direction

Trine are going to London with one of her best friends - Jessica. They are going to a concert the night they arrive - A One Direction Concert. The hotel is great - and so is everything else. But what will happen when one gets on the wrong floor - one passes out - and new friends get together? One'll get ill and have a pretty bad scare. Some will maybe fall in love. Promises are made and promises are broken.
Moving on is hard - facing the past is harder, and to say goodbye is the hardest.


48. Chapter 48

I sat there beside him, and was suddenly paralyzed. Why Jack and not him? I had grown to love Jack, since Niall stopped calling me, after I returned to Denmark, that's why. But I couldn't tell him that. Or could I? It would hurt him. More than I already had. I looked at me, with an awaiting look - waiting for me to answer his question.
"I.... Erm.." I looked into his hypnotizing blue eyes, and choked. What was I going to do? Maybe I still had feelings for him? I needed to focus. Focus on what I came here for. And only that. "We simply lost contact, Niall. We were both too busy to keep the thing between us alive." His eyes went sad, and he looked at the floor. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have stopped calling you." His voice was so low, that I had to concentrate to hear what he said. "Don't blame yourself, Niall. And truth is, that I stopped calling too, right? Even though it killed me not to be beside you, or hear your voice. I just stopped too.." He lifted his head, to look into my eyes again, and he had a glimpse of something in them. Of something I hadn't seem in his eyes for a long time. Hope.
I was about to say something, when I suddenly felt Niall's soft lift collided with mine. I was shocked at first, and didn't kiss him back, but I felt the sparks and I saw the fireworks. I started to kiss him back, even though something in the back of my mind said that I should stop - that this wasn't right. "Train, you forgot your....." We immediately broke the kiss, and turned towards the door. "Phone.." Louis was standing in the door with my ringing phone in his right hand, and a slightly shocked expression in his face. I could feel my cheeks burn, as I quickly glanced at Niall, before getting up, to get my phone. "Thanks, Lou." I said, without sounding too guilty.
I looked at the display, which showed Jack's name. Shoot! Jack! I had nearly forgotten all about him. What had I done? I kissed Niall! This couldn't be happening. Jack couldn't know. He couldn't. He would kill me. Not literally, but still. "Aren't you going to answer that?" Niall nodded to my phone. "oh.. Yeah..." I debated whether to answer the phone in the room, or go out.
"Hey, love." I said, into the phone, as I pressed the 'Accept' button. "Hey, babe. Where are you?" Jack's voice was a bit worried, which was so sweet. I took a quick look at Niall, before disappearing out onto the hall. "I'm at some friends, why?" I noticed, that Louis had closed the door after I went out. Please, Lou, don't do anything stupid, I thought to myself. "Trine, are you listening?" Jack asked. "Oh, yeah. Sorry. Just zoned out there for a minute." I could hear him chuckle a bit in the other end, which brought a smile onto my lips. "Yeah, I don't doubt that.. I was asking, when are you coming home?" "I actually don't know. Louis took me, so it's going to be, when he want to drive me home." I could hear him sigh in the other end. He perfectly knew who Louis was, and who his band mates was. "So, Niall's there?" He asked. "Don't be like this. He's my friend, and he needed me, okay?" "I guess. Just text me, when you get home, okay?" "I will. Love you." "I love you too, babe. Have fun." I smiled a bit. "Will do. Bye." I said, and hung up.
I looked at Niall's door again, and it was still closed. What could they possibly be talking about?


Just wanted to say a wuick thank you for the 180 faves, I'm so proud of myself. And all of you too!
~  Trine <3

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