Accidental Fate - One Direction

Trine are going to London with one of her best friends - Jessica. They are going to a concert the night they arrive - A One Direction Concert. The hotel is great - and so is everything else. But what will happen when one gets on the wrong floor - one passes out - and new friends get together? One'll get ill and have a pretty bad scare. Some will maybe fall in love. Promises are made and promises are broken.
Moving on is hard - facing the past is harder, and to say goodbye is the hardest.


31. Chapter 31


~ Months later ~

I can't believe I was standing here - I can't believe that Jessica, once again talked me into going to a One Direction. But what for? We were friends with them - are - I didn't really know. Niall and I had promised each other that we wouldn't lose contact, and that it wasn't only a summer love - but I guess it was.. The thing with the contact went pretty well - at first, but then it was just like we got tired of it - or, he did. He was busy with the whole new tour and stuff, which I guess was the main reason to we lost contact. Jessica and Harry had promised each other the same thing, but it went in the same direction with them - just better, you know - they still talked sometimes. Niall and I didn't..  
It had been some hard months, I'll admit that without any hesitation. My mom eventually didn't survive the heart attack, and died only a few days after Jessica and I arrived back home. Taylor had been nice to help with it all though - things like getting the house sold, her funeral, and other practical things I couldn't possibly take care of myself. I was mad at my father for just leaving us, and then dying, but this time I was angry at myself. It was mainly my fault, that she had the heart attack, telling her that I had a change of having cancer. I felt guilty, and I was. The doctors had told me, that even if I hadn't told her, she would've got the heart attack anyway - I was still guilty in causing my mom's heart attack - I had practically killed my mom... 
I eventually moved closer to Jessica - which meant I could get a fresh start. New town, new school, new friends - new life. I thought it might me easier - and that people would accept me for me, and not because of that whole Niall and me thing that happened last summer. I would've remained the 'mystery girl' if he hadn't tweeted my name - and boy, how I wish he hadn't tweeted it. People would call me mean things and say that they couldn't believe that Niall even wanted to be with me - and it hurt, because at that time we still talked a bit, but there was getting longer between the texts and the calls, and I guess I just got along with it. He was busy, and I guess that was okay.. But people just didn't seem to cope with the whole situation very well, and the only friend I knew was real were Jessica - I guess we just had each other. And I had Jack, my lovely boyfriend. I had to move on at some point, and I guess Jack just came along at the right time.

Screaming girls - a lot of screaming girls. How did Jessica get me to go to their concert again? Oh, yeah - because she said it was tickets other girls would die for, and I maybe then would get over it all, maybe with confronting him, or?
And she was right, it was tickets girls would die for - second row, and in the middle - how could I get through this, without Niall noticing me, if I get cold feet about talking to him?



Merry - early - christmas for those of you who celebrate it!! :-)

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~ Trine <3

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