Accidental Fate - One Direction

Trine are going to London with one of her best friends - Jessica. They are going to a concert the night they arrive - A One Direction Concert. The hotel is great - and so is everything else. But what will happen when one gets on the wrong floor - one passes out - and new friends get together? One'll get ill and have a pretty bad scare. Some will maybe fall in love. Promises are made and promises are broken.
Moving on is hard - facing the past is harder, and to say goodbye is the hardest.


29. Chapter 29

The two weeks had passed in no time - but I guess the time just flies when you are in great company. I was going to miss the boys like hell - especially Niall - we had been getting closer over the two weeks and after the whole cancer scare. And it was like the whole thing with me and Jessica not talking together was all gone and forgotten. Which made me happy.
We were standing in the airport - and so far I'd been able to hold my tears back - even though I knew, that I would spill a few tears that day, whether I'd like it or not.  Somehow the boys had managed to get into the airport to say their goodbyes to us both. How I didn't know - maybe it had something to do with their beanies and big sweatshirts? I didn't really care how they'd managed, 'cause the most important thing was, that they were there to send us of to Denmark after three weeks in London.
Niall and I had separated us a bit from the others, so we could say our goodbye's probably properly. I could still feel the tears threatening to escape my eyes - but I had promised myself that I wouldn't cry in front of Niall or any of the other boys - at least not today. Niall had to remember me smiling - and not with tears streaming down my face. The only good thing about us leaving today, was that I finally could see my mother. I hadn't been able to talk to her, because she was in such a critical state, so the doctors decided that it would be best to put her in a fake coma - so they can basically wake her up any moment. I had been talking to Taylor a couple of times, and you could hear the sorrow in his voice every time. I guess he really cared for my mom, which was good. My mom hadn't had a boyfriend since my father died, do it was good for her.
"I don't want to say goodbye to you..." I told Niall truthfully. He sighed, and looked into my eyes, "This isn't a goodbye that means forever, you know that, right?" I nodded a bit, "I know." He smiled a bit as he leaned in to kiss me, which only made me smile into the kiss. God, I was going to miss that adorable smile of his. And not to mention his sparkling blue eyes, which I could get completely lost in. We broke of the kiss, as there was a voice over the speaker, announcing that it wouldn't be long before they closed the check-in for the flight heading to Denmark. I guess we had to keep moving if we wanted to go back to Denmark.. But that was the whole point, I wanted to stay here in London with Niall, with any of the boys for the matter and Jessica. "You better head off, babe." Niall said in a whisper-like tone. I sighed and replied in the same tone, "I don't want to..." "I know, but remember what I said before - this isn't goodbye forever." I looked into his blue eyes, "Promise me?"


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