Accidental Fate - One Direction

Trine are going to London with one of her best friends - Jessica. They are going to a concert the night they arrive - A One Direction Concert. The hotel is great - and so is everything else. But what will happen when one gets on the wrong floor - one passes out - and new friends get together? One'll get ill and have a pretty bad scare. Some will maybe fall in love. Promises are made and promises are broken.
Moving on is hard - facing the past is harder, and to say goodbye is the hardest.


24. Chapter 24


I was walking around on the floor that the boys usually were on. I thought that this might be the place Niall would be, considering it was pretty early in the morning. I didn’t know why Trine hadn’t just woke me up earlier. She must have known that I’d rather get less sleep and go with her to the hospital than be left in bed, completely and utterly unaware of the situation. I didn’t get why I hadn’t woken up by the sound of the boys entering the room though, because I know from experience that they aren’t good at being quiet. Especially not when they’re together.

It had been awhile now and Niall wasn’t in any of the rooms. Or maybe he was, he could always be buried alive underneath all their clothes. I mean, seriously, their rooms were even messier than mine at home, and that says quite a lot. They had even brought more clothes along with them on this trip than I have ever had brought along on a trip going anywhere! I slowly shook my head while laughing at it before rushing down the stairs. If he weren’t in his room he must be in the restaurant or at Nandos, right? He couldn’t possibly be anywhere that didn’t involve food, so that reduced the numbers of places I had to visit. Of course, if he were, I’d be in trouble.. This realization made me sigh. We were in London. There are a tons of places you could go and grab a bite to eat. I knew a few places Harry had showed me, but I had absolutely no idea what kind of food Niall liked other than Nando's. To my bad luck, he wasn’t at the hotel’s restaurant nor was he at Nando's. It didn’t surprise me though, because to be honest, I would never believe myself to be that lucky. I was dating a guy that I really, really liked, so my good luck had probably run out. I wasn’t going to complain about it though, because I would much rather run the entire town around than lose Harry. If we weren’t going to last, that would be okay, but I couldn’t see him not being in my life.  Not since he entered it. I believe Trine felt the same way about Niall. The differences was just that we are different people and that Niall kissed another woman. And as much as I’d like to hate him for hurting my friend, I couldn’t get myself to do it. He was stupid for doing it, yes, but everybody does stupid things once in a while. Besides, Harry had told me how sorry Niall had been ever since it happened, and I believed him. I believed that Niall was genuinely sad, which was one of the reasons why I was rooting for Niall and Trine to get through this and start dating. Only an idiot wouldn’t be able to see the connection the two of them shared.

Many restaurants later and still no sign of Niall, my phone finally rang. I was happy to see that it was Harry because that meant that I might finally get some information on this whole Trine/Niall case. “Hi.” I answered as I accepted the call. A smile was laying on my mouth as I spoke, which only grew wider by the sound of Harry’s voice. “What’s up?” My smile disappeared from my face. I could hear that he had something important to tell, and the first thing that came to my mind was that something terrible had happened to Trine. Happily, it wasn’t. Niall had showed up at the hospital only moments after she had rung me and asked me to go and check up on him. She was in to get her CT-scan now, which was the reason why she hadn’t called or texted me. “I’m at a Nando's at 86 Scoresby Street. “ I sighed. I didn’t know how far that was from the hospital but I hoped that it wouldn’t take him long to get here. The people inside were starting to send me weird stares.. To my luck, he was here just before I started to get really uncomfortable.

I turned my attention at the door, "I... I.. Uhm." He had caught me off guard, and now I was unable to form a single word right. Damn you Niall Horan. I was speechless - why had he come to the hospital? Everybody was silent, and the boys looked eager from me to Niall and the other way around. His eyes, his beautiful blue eyes was gazing direct into mine. "I guess I do." I finally said after a bit in silence. He started to walk into the room, and he was heading to the bed I was sitting on. I could feel be cheeks burn, and it only made me blush even more, that I had realized it myself. When he was be my side, he leaned over, "I guess I have feelings for you too." He whispered. I could feel my cheeks burn even more, and all eyes on us. "Good." I whispered back, just wanting to kiss his lips. There were only an inch between our faces, and we kept gazing into each other's eyes, until he finally made the last move, and crashed his lips with mine. It all exploded. Sparkles everywhere, and a ton of butterflies in my stomach. When we broke apart, the other boys 'aweh-ed' which made Niall blush too. I looked over to Zayn and muttered "thank you". He smiled in return. Liam had turned silent from the moment I talked about talking with Niall again - and now, he was starring right down on the floor. I still hadn't got, why he felt this way about me - from the very start Niall and I had a special connection, and I guess Liam felt that connection towards me, but I didn't have the 'other end' of that connection? My connection was headed to Niall - and I hoped so much, that Niall's connection was heading towards me. Niall sat down beside me, with an arm around my waist - and small-talked with the other lads. I was just sitting beside him, thinking that we still had to talk about what happened, and what to do from now on and in the future. "Trine, it's time for your CT-scan, so lads, I have to ask you to stay here until we're done." The doctor said.  I sighed. I hadn't been showing it, but inside I was screaming and crying like a little baby, because I was afraid that I might have cancer. It could kill me - it would kill me. and what about Jessica? She hadn't made it to the hospital yet, and then it hit me. I asked her to go check on Niall - and Niall had been with me, ever since I had rung her. Shit. I sighed - maybe she would just come to the hospital while I had to get the CT-scan. I was such a shitty friend right now, going to the hospital, forgetting to tell her that and after, asking her to go check on Niall, which two seconds later was on the hospital with the rest of us - not telling her about that. I had to apologize to her, for being like this.
The doctor told me, that I would have to lay in this machine-kind-of-thing for about 30 minutes. And it would be some long 30 minutes, when I at one point had to lay completely still,. but on another point, I knew Niall was waiting for me in my room, which gave me a lot of butterflies flying around in my stomach. My thought flew - to Niall - to the rest of the boys - to Jessica - to my mom - ..... to my dad. I was still mad at him for leaving us, and then die - and first now I knew why - and only because I might have a brain tumor too. What should I do, if so? Would I have to stay in England to get the surgery and the chemo? Or would I have to be rushed or something to Denmark to be treated? And what would happen to me and Niall? Would be become a thing, or would it turn out to be only a summer love? I had to many thoughts going on in my head, that it actually made my head ache. I sighed lightly, trying to lie completely still, so it wouldn't take that long for the scan to be done. But really though - what would happen? What about my mom? Did she even know? I had no idea, at all. I had to call her after this - I had to remember to do so. 




I want to thank Jessica (BlueEyedPrincess) for writing her own POV! Yaaay!
And Im so blessed, that you guys have given me over 2800 views! It means alot! 
~ Trine <3

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