Accidental Fate - One Direction

Trine are going to London with one of her best friends - Jessica. They are going to a concert the night they arrive - A One Direction Concert. The hotel is great - and so is everything else. But what will happen when one gets on the wrong floor - one passes out - and new friends get together? One'll get ill and have a pretty bad scare. Some will maybe fall in love. Promises are made and promises are broken.
Moving on is hard - facing the past is harder, and to say goodbye is the hardest.


19. Chapter 19


"So..." I started, while I was gathering the few things I had with me on the hospital, "Has any of you heard from Niall?" My voice was low, and filled with a bit of sadness, by the sound of his name. "He called Zayn up yesterday and was pretty drunk, so him and Louis left to go get him to the hotel." I sighed and nodded. I had almost forgot that I had to stay another two weeks in London with Jessica. And One Direction - since they were staying at the same hotel as us. I was mad - but not at Niall, Jessica or any of the other boys - I was angry at myself - for letting it get this far, I mean - it was just a kiss, right? But what if it really wasn't just a kiss? What if he has felt those sparks with her, I felt that one time that WE kissed?  I looked up, and smiled at the others. "I'm good to go." Liam nodded, and smiled back - "You just have to sign your discharging papers." "Oh, yeah. I forgot." How could I forget? Liam took my bag, as I went out to the nurses' desk to sign the papers. Liam was such an gentleman - he had become a really good friend of mine over these past few days - and it also seemed like Harry and Jessica had gotten closer. I could see in Jessica's eyes, that she had fallen madly in love with Harry - which only made me happy. It made my day a little bit better, to see how these two people felt for each other, I simply couldn't help it. Through my own misery, and my own hurting - that was the one thing, that made me smile - my friends' happiness for each other. And eventually the time will heal my wounds, right? People are always saying so.. "There are a lot of other fish in the sea!" Yeah, I know. But what am I going to do, when it's only that cute Irish fish I want? Then what do I do? I know I made a mistake, to make such a big thing out of, that he kissed her? Maybe what he said was true - and I went over the line. "Shall we go?" Liam's voice broke my thoughts. "Yeah. Sorry - was in my own little world there." He let out a chuckle, which made me smile a bit. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I happens a lot to me too lately." We started to walk along with Harry and Jessica, to get out of the hospital. "Oh, why so?" I asked, clearly curious. "Well. Danielle broke up with me a couple of weeks ago, due to the hate she got on twitter." I stopped for a second. "What? Oh, I'm so sorry, Li!" He chuckled again. "No biggie, babe." As we were trying to catch up with the other two, Liam began to speak  again. "There is something I've been meaning to tell you as well." He said, slightly nervous. "Yeah, what's it about?" I didn't think that much about it -  it didn't seem to matter that much after all. "I'll tell you when we're alone." He whispered, as we reached Harry's car. I just nodded in responds, as I got in the car.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel - something told me, that I couldn't go in there. I couldn't stay at this hotel, knowing, that I could bump into Niall every time I went out of my room - and knowing my fate, I would - like I had many times before. I stopped at the entrance, and looked at the big hotel that was in front of me. The others kept walking, but as soon they discovered that I wasn't with them - probably because one of them was talking to me and I didn't answer. "Trine, what's wrong?" Jessica asked with a worried voice. I just shook my head. "I can't go in there." I looked from Jessica, to Harry to Liam. "Why can't you go in there?" Liam asked confused and worried. "I can't face him. I'll meet him, I know I will. I can't go in there." I started to back away. I didn't know why I reacted this way. It was nothing, really. He just 'broke' up with me - even though we weren't together. But I guess it was the matter of it. The matter that I has to put on a smile if I met him, and pretend that it hadn't affected me this way - but it did. It just reminded me of something. Something that Jessica was the only one who knew, apart from my mom. I just couldn't deal with this - not one more time - even though it really wasn't the same. 


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So - I know the chapter is kind of short - but I have so many ideas that just comes rushing through whenever I'm writing, and my last idea is pretty great I think - so I'm gonna stick with it. - which means, the chapter got short, or else I would reveal to much in one chapter!

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