Accidental Fate - One Direction

Trine are going to London with one of her best friends - Jessica. They are going to a concert the night they arrive - A One Direction Concert. The hotel is great - and so is everything else. But what will happen when one gets on the wrong floor - one passes out - and new friends get together? One'll get ill and have a pretty bad scare. Some will maybe fall in love. Promises are made and promises are broken.
Moving on is hard - facing the past is harder, and to say goodbye is the hardest.


16. Chapter 16

I was angry but most of all, I was hurt. I could feel the tears that were forming in my eyes, I didn't care if they would escape - so in a matter of seconds tears were streaming down my cheeks as I was putting my laptop away. Jessica still wasn't back yet - so I decided to send her a text, even though we hadn't been talking the past two days.
Me; Where are you? I really need you here.
I send it, and under a minute later I had receive a text from her.
Jess; I'm out having lunch with the boys. What's wrong?
I sighed, and could feel even more tears streaming down my face. Of course, she was out with the boys.
Me; Can you please just come back now? I'm sorry for interrupting, but I really need my friend right now :/
Jess; You're not interrupting. I will be there as soon as I can - now tell me what is wrong?
Me; It's not important right now. I'll tell you when you get here.
Jess; I'll be there in like 20 minutes.
Me; See you then. And Jess?
Jess; Yeah?
Me; Thank you.
Jess, No problem.

I got up and walked into the bathroom to fix my hair, which were a mess from staying in bed all day, yesterday and what have been of today too. I would have put in up in a messy bun, but my head would hurt too much if I did so. I got back into the room and looked at my phone as I sat down at the window again. I had a text from my mom, where she was asking if I were okay - I didn't answer, because I weren't okay - Niall had been kissing another girl, and it was all over the internet, people knew who I was now, so they were writing about me too - they were before too, but then it "wasn't" but "mystery girl". I looked out the window, and saw the London. A lot of people were walking down the streets, talking, shopping and a lot of other things. This had been my spot since we got here. Just sitting at the window, looking out on the city while thinking about a lot of things.
I heard the door unlock, but I still kept looking out the window, with tears still running down my face. Footsteps came closer, and someone sat down at my bed. And it was when whoever came in, sat down at my bed, I turned my head to face whoever. I sighed when I saw Liam sitting there. "Liam, what are you doing here?" I said, trying to get a control of my tears, while whipping the tears, who had escaped, away from my face. "Jessica said something was up." He said calmly. "Yeah, well, I asked Jessica to come." I sounded very rude, but it wasn't my intention to be at all. "She said, that you needed a friend, and she asked me to go check on you." I looked away, not wanting him to see, that I couldn't hold my tears back any longer. "Well.." I started, trying not to sound like I was crying, "I do need a friend, and obviously Jessica aren't my friend anymore, since she sent you." I got up, and walked to me, and hugged me, trying to comfort me. "I'm sure she's still your friend. Maybe she just figured that you'd talk to someone else but her - since you two still have some things to talk about." I sighed, still with tears running down my face, whilst I was hugging Liam back. "I know we have some things to talk about, but I just really need her right now." I said, almost whispering, started to cry even more. "Do you what me to get her, then?" He asked, still very calm. "No. I would like to talk to you know, I think you know better than her actually." I was trying to get a hold on my teats again, but somehow they wouldn't  listen and continued to run down my face. I pulled back from Liam's embrace and tried to fake a smile, "I'm so sorry - now your t-shirt is all wet there." I said, slightly pointing at his shoulder. We both laughed a bit, "It's okay, it'll dry." He smiled a bit, "So, spit it. What would you like to talk about?" I got up, but maybe a little too quick. My head started to pout, and I hurt soo much. "Trine?" Liam said and got up, "What's wrong?" I think my face was showing I was in pain. "My head." I said, trying to talk normally, "It hurts so badly." As fast as it came, as fast it went by. I looked at Liam with tears in my eyes, which were there from the pain. "What is it?" He asked, clearly confused. My head still hurt, but not as bad as right before. "I was sitting up against the door a few days back, Harry opened it, and I fell back, and hurt my head pretty bad. It has hurt ever since." I sighed. I knew it might be bad, because it still hurt that much, but I didn't really know what to do. Liam sighed, and then took his phone out of his pocket to call someone. "Who are you calling?" I asked slightly confused. "I'm calling a cab - we need to get you to a doctor." I sighed, "there's no reason to take me to the doctor's, Liam. Really, I'm fine." A pain spread in my head again, which caused me to let out a sigh of pain. Liam got off the phone, and came to me again. "Really, you're fine?" I sighed, he was right. It might be best if I got checked by a doctor or something.

"So, you can't go back for another two weeks, okay?" I sighed. I had to stay in London for two weeks more. How was I supposed to do that? I couldn't possibly afford it, in any possible way. "Oh, and Trine?" The doctor got back to the white bed I was laying in, "if the results are positive by tomorrow, you can leave the hospital, but remember, no flying!" I nodded, and told her that I understood. It all seemed a bit too much right now. I just wanted to call my mom. I just wanted my friends, and I wanted to be able to go back home. There was no reason for me to stay here anyway, since Niall go and kiss other people. I looked around in the all-white room, as Liam came through the door. "So?" He asked. "Well, they want to keep me over night to see if anything changes, and if the results are positive I can leave the hospital by tomorrow, but I can't fly back home for another two weeks." Tears started to form in my eyes. What was I supposed to do? He sat on my bed, trying to comfort me. "Well, we can't do too much about that." He said, hesitating. "It's not that." I say though my sobbing, "Everything just seems a bit too much right now." I tried to smile, but it didn't work as wanted. "Well, what was it you'd talk about earlier?" I looked at him, and sighed a bit. "Well, first of all, Niall and I kissed." Liam's face lit up, "And before you say anything, that smile of yours will soon disappear! Well, we kissed, and then I opened the door to my and Jessica's room, to find Harry and her kissing. I got all awkward and started laughing as soon I was back out on the hallway - and then the thing with my head happened. Then today, I was just looking through my mentions on twitter and stuff, and then there was this girl saying, that Niall was cheating on me, which he couldn't be since we aren't a couple. Well, she linked this article, which said "Niall Horan cheating on Trine?" or something like that, and there was a photo of him and some tall blond chick kissing." Now that smile of his, as I said had disappeared. "I texted Jessica, because I just needed my friend, even though I haven't been talking to her since that day, because I was mad at her, for not telling me about Harry and her, and the fact that I had to hear about it from Niall." Liam didn't say anything, just kept sitting and nodding. After what seemed like forever he finally spoke up, "I understand that you needed a friend in that situation. But are you sure that it was Niall?" I nodded, "I can recognize that blond hair from any distance!" I smiled slightly by the thought, but the smile disappeared from my face as soon it had taken a place there. "Why don't you talk to him about it then?" He asked carefully. "Well, I don't feel like talking to him." I straightly said, "And what point is there to it anyway?" I sighed, "he'll forget about me as soon I leave anyway." I looked down, trying to hide the tears there was forming in my eyes again. "hey.." Liam whispered, and lifted my chin, so I had to look him in the eyes, "don't think like that, okay? He won't possibly forget about you, and neither would any other of us. Both you and Jessica has gotten very good friends of ours, and as for Niall and you - Niall usually don't invite girls on dates, or kiss them goodnight for that matter. You're damn special to him, Trine." He smiled a bit - and I tried to smile through my tears, "then why did he kiss the tall blond chick?" Liam kept looking me in the eyes, "That, I don't know. It's up to you to talk to him about it, Trine. There is no other than me, who knows that you know, is there??" I shook my head. "Good, then talk to him, when he gets here." My eyes shut open, "when he gets here? Liam, what have you done?" I shook his head a bit, as he got up, and sat in a chair my bed, "I didn't do anything, but I thought that Jessica should know that you are in the hospital, and the boys too." I sighed. What was Jessica going to do? Was she staying here in London with me, or was she going to go home tomorrow, leaving me here in London all by myself? I nodded. Liam got up and walked out of the room I was laying in. Why was such things always happening to me? Argh. There was a knock on my door. I sat up, and saw Jessica standing in the door. "Hey." she smiled a bit. I didn't smile. I was still mad at her, but I needed to talk to her. "Hi...." I sighed, and tried to find a more comfort way to sit in. Jessica sat in the chair, Liam had left by my bed. "How are you feeling?" "Fine, I guess." I wasn't fine, at all. "You guess? What's bugging you?" She looked worried. "Nothing's bugging me, or yeah, there is, but that's not the point right now. Have you talked to the doctor or Liam?" She shook her head, "what's up?" "Well," I looked down at my hands, before looking at her again, "they want to keep me over night, and if the results are good, I can get out of the hospital tomorrow...." She sighed, "but?" "But, I can't fly back home yet.." She looked a bit confused, "when can you, then?" "In two weeks." She nodded, and looked like she just had to take it in. "Soo..."  started, "are you going home tomorrow, or are you staying here with me?" I asked, looking at her. "Well.. I'm staying here with you, if you don't mind.." She said it a bit hesitating, but got a relieved expression on her face, as I smiled, "Of course I don't mind. I want you to stay here in London with me - I wouldn't spend two weeks stuck here, with anybody else." We both began to laugh. I've missed this, really - it was like my anger just had disappeared, and I really don't get why I was mad at her in the first place, sure she didn't tell me, but I didn't really tell her about Niall in the first place, did I? I can't quite remember. 


So this chapter is a bit longer than the others - finally! :-D 
so, I'll keep writing, and I'll hopefully put another chapter up towards the weekend - how does that sound? :P. 
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