Accidental Fate - One Direction

Trine are going to London with one of her best friends - Jessica. They are going to a concert the night they arrive - A One Direction Concert. The hotel is great - and so is everything else. But what will happen when one gets on the wrong floor - one passes out - and new friends get together? One'll get ill and have a pretty bad scare. Some will maybe fall in love. Promises are made and promises are broken.
Moving on is hard - facing the past is harder, and to say goodbye is the hardest.


13. Chapter 13

Minutes past, and someone was knocking at the door again. My heart raced again, and I looked over at Jessica, who was smiling at me. As I opened the door, my heart began to race faster. And the first thing I saw was his beautiful blue eyes. "Hi." I said a bit shy - I didn't know why I suddenly got shy, 'cause I wasn't that kind of girl, who got shy be something like this. "You look great!" He said, and send me a big smile. I started smiling more -"Well, thank you - and you too!" I replied. He smiled in return, "Ready to go?" He asked, stepping a bit back, so I could get out the door. I turned around, and mimed "I'll see you" to Jessica, who answered the mime; "Have fun!" I looked back at Niall as I stepped out of our hotel room, and closed the door behind me. I could feel my heart beat race as we walked side by side down the stairs, heading out on our date. "So erm.." He started. I looked over at him, and waited for him to finish talking. "Erm.. Where do you want to eat?" He asked. I smiled a bit, "Wherever you want to - I can eat almost everything." Gosh, that sounded wrong - it sounded like I could eat an elephant or something like that - what was happening to me? Why did this boy do this to me? He smiled at me - "So.. You like everything?" He asked while he was smiling very boyish. I nodded - "I'm not so crazy about Chinese food, though." I smiled shyly back at him. He nodded a bit, "Then what about a café or something - just to be opposite?" "That sounds great!" I replied smiling a bit more confident. As we got down in the lobby,  all of the paparazzi flashes started to go off. I had nearly forgot that they were outside of the hotel, and got a bit scared, when all the flashes started to go off, but when Niall smiled calmly at me, it all seemed so normal - but only for a second. I knew I would never get used to all the taking pictures of me - even when I was swimming! I barely survived when people kept taking pictures of me to my birthdays through the years - so how was I going to survive this ? I had no idea! And when would it stop? When would they leave me alone, and stop taking pictures? But.... It actually didn't bother me much when I was with Niall - but it did bother me, that Jessica and I couldn't go for a swim, without they had to take pictures of us. I gazed into Niall beautiful blue eyes as we stood at the foot of the stairs - and he gazed into mine. "Ready to go outside?" He asked, nearly whispering. I looked over at the big door, and took a deep breath as I nodded, and we started walking towards it. The big glass door got opened by the doorkeeper, and as soon the door was opened all the flashes started to go off again. We said nothing to them, even though they kept asking questions, such as who I was and if we were together. Niall had his arm around my waist, as we started to walk a little bit faster to get a cap instead  of walking with all the paparazzi walking with us. A minute after we were sitting in a cap on our way to a cafe a bit out of town. I was wondering why he'd decided to go to a cafe out of town, instead of the one, that was not far from the hotel - but I didn't mind at all. After about an hour, we finally arrived at the cafe just outside of London. I knew I had to tell him at some point. But how do you tell a boy you just started dating, that you were leaving to go home in 3 days? It made me sad to think about - what if I never saw him again? "Trine?" His voice broke my thoughts, "Is everything alright?" He is so sweet! "Yeah, everything is fine." I answer, smiling a  bit. He looks at me a bit suspicious, but then smiles a bit and takes my hand, "then let's go inside." Inside everything were so cozy - and there weren't many people. We sat down at a table in the corner, away from the windows. "Are you sure everything is ok?" He asks again, and this time he sound a bit worried. I sighed a bit - "Everything is fine, except the fact that I'm leaving in 3 days." I reply looking up from the menu. There, now he knows - but in fact it didn't matter did it? I mean, this was our first date, if you didn't count the one that he got dared to, with. "Leaving?" He asks, looking up from his menu too. I nodded, "Jessica and I are going back to Denmark." He looks down at the menu for a second, and then back at me, "I don't know what to say." He said after a while. "I don't think there much to say." I replied with a tiny smile. The rest of the date went by pretty fast - even though there had been some awkward silence at the beginning, but it seemed to go away after a bit. We hadn't been bothered by any paparazzi, but maybe that was because we had chosen a table in a corner away from all the windows. "May I have the check please?" I heard Niall ask - again I was caught up by my thoughts. A bit after the check came, Niall paid, and we headed out. And of course, when I just had forgot everything about them, the paparazzi is everywhere outside the cafe - still asking the same questions we got earlier, when we were heading out. Still without answering any of their questions we got past them, and got a cap back to the hotel. In the cap, the awkward silence got up again - it had a few times, all after I mentioned that I had to leave in 3 days. But for me, it all had one meaning - get the best out of the time that we could. "What are Harry saying to it?" Niall suddenly asked. Harry? What did Harry had to do with this? "Harry?" I asked a bit confused, "Why should Harry have something to say about it?" Niall looked confused at me, "Didn't you know that Harry and Jessica has been hanging out?" Now, I was even more confused. "Harry? And Jessica?" He nodded. "No, I didn't know." Why hadn't Jessica told me? Didn't she trust me? I mean, this didn't involve trust - it involved being friends, and friends tell each other things. I told her about Niall - well, sort of. "You seem to be upset." He said. I looked up, and into his eyes. "Well, I'm not upset, I'm just wondering why she didn't tell me." I said with a tiny smile on my lips. "I'm sure she meant to." He said with a smile on his lips as well. I nodded a bit, "Maybe." I kept gazing into his beautiful blue eyes. 


I still don't know if Im going to write further with this one - so please tell me what u think in the comments! And dont forget to follow me on twitter for updates! @trinehertzog :) x

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