Accidental Fate - One Direction

Trine are going to London with one of her best friends - Jessica. They are going to a concert the night they arrive - A One Direction Concert. The hotel is great - and so is everything else. But what will happen when one gets on the wrong floor - one passes out - and new friends get together? One'll get ill and have a pretty bad scare. Some will maybe fall in love. Promises are made and promises are broken.
Moving on is hard - facing the past is harder, and to say goodbye is the hardest.


11. Chapter 11

We didn't do much the rest of the day. We went down at the restaurant to grab some dinner - where we fortunately didn't meet any of the boys - I mean, Jessica wouldn't mind, but I would mind - big time. But I guess it wouldn't have been that bad, if we did meet them down there, I could just ignore them. When we finished eating we headed towards our room again - it was just too much drama if we walked around the city, and people would be like "Niall Horan's mystery girl out with friend" sort of. When we got to our floor someone was standing outside of the door, and knocking on it. "It's Niall." I whispered to Jessica, who stopped as I did. I began to walk backwards and a little bit down the stairs again, so we wouldn't see me. "What are you doing?" Jessica whispered as she followed, "you have to talk to him!" I shook my head a bit, "not now!" She looked very seriously at me, "Yes now! What if he wants to apologize?" I sighed - she was right. I started walking towards our room again, and Niall was still knocking and saying that I should open the door. "What do you want?" I asked when I reached our room. I was standing behind Niall, who turned around as I began to speak. "Please, let me explain." He said, and looked a little bit sad on me. "Explain what exactly? That you asked me out because you got dared?" I crossed my arms. In the mean time, Jessica snuck behind Niall, unlocked the door, and hurried inside, and locked the door again before I could get a chance to open the door again. "Jessica, open the door!" I nearly shouted as I tried to open it. "Not before you two get things figured out!" She shouted back. "Come on!" I leaned against the door. "You promised, remember?" I sighed. "Yeah..." I looked back at Niall. "You wanted to explain?" I asked, calmly, but still defensive. "I wanted to say I'm sorry! It shouldn't have gone this why, you know? I got dared by the boys, and took the challenge..." He looked me in the eyes, and I couldn't resist, and gazed right back into his. "I took the challenge because I like you - and the boys sort of figured that out, without me even telling them. I didn't have the courage to ask you out on my own, so the boys thought they were helping me out - by daring me." I kept gazing into his beautiful blue eyes, as he was explaining, and saying sorry. "I don't know what to say.." I sighed a bit, "at some point, it all seems so far away, and don't make any sense, and at another point, I want to forgive you, but..." I looked down. "But what?" He asked after a couple of seconds, were I didn't say anything. I looked up, and got caught by his eyes again. "I like you too... And I want to forgive you, but I felt like you only went out with me, because of the boys - because of the dare." He nodded a bit, "I know.. And it wasn't fair to you.. I wanted to go out with you - not because of the dare - but because I like you.." He said again.. Now it was my turn to nod. I looked down for a bit, then sighed, and looked back right into his eyes. "I'm sorry." He said again, just as I was about to say something. I began to smile a bit, "It's okay. I forgive you." At first he just stood and began to smile bit by bit - as we looked each other in the eyes. "Will you go out with me, then?" He asked with his charming accent, "this time, it's no dare asking - only me." I giggled a bit. "Sure." His smiled reached his eyes, and gave them a bit of glow, "Tomorrow? I'll stop by about 6 pm?" He asked. "Sounds great." I replied with a smile on my face. He began to walk away, but looked back at me as he began to walk up the stairs, "I'll see you." I said and smiled to him. "See ya." He said, and then he was gone. "Jess!" I shouted, "Open the door!" I could hear her giggle, and then the door was unlocked. I opened it and walked in. "You bastard." I said laughing at her, as I was closing the door behind me. "I'm sorry," she said, "but it was the only way you would let him explain - 'cause I know you, and you are so stubborn!" She said laughing at the last part. I nodded a bit, "But I gave him a chance." She nodded eagerly, "I know. I guess I'll have to eat by myself tomorrow?" She smiled at me. "I guess so." I smiled back. Since we ate a bit early, we decided to go to the pool, which was at the ground floor. We changed into our bikinis, grabbed our towels and headed towards the ground floor. When we got down there, loads of people was standing outside of the hotel - a lot of girls, who was hoping to get to see the members of One Direction, and a lot of paparazzi too, who probably were hoping to get some pictures of the boys, and new gossip to write stories about. As Jessica and I were walking through the reception, the flashes from the cameras outside began to go off. For a second I was wondering who or what they were taking pictures of, but then I came across the thought that one or some of the boys must have been outside, and headed towards the pool without thinking further about it. The pool was inside, but had big wall to wall windows surrounding it, so it would be almost like if the was outside. I jumped in, and began to swim a bit around, and the same did Jessica - but before we knew it, flashes began to go off, just as before. I looked over at Jessica, who had stopped swimming, like I had. "What is this about?" I asked her, "I don't know. I think they're taking pictures of you." She swam closer to me. "What? Why would they do that?" I was confused, and you could tell. "Well, you remember those headlines on the internet I showed you? And you are sort of dating Niall Horan." Just as it couldn't get any better, I thought. "Bloody..." I mumbled, as I got up from the pool, and wrapped my towel around me. A second later Jessica did the same. We headed towards our room, and I hurried a bit. At the stairs a floor from ours, I didn't look up, and bumped into someone. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" I said and looked up - I bumped into Harry. "It's okay," he said with a smile on his face, "Why such hurry anyway?" I looked over at Jessica and sighed, "The paparazzi, they are taking pictures of me, well, of us." I said.  Harry nodded, "You are the mysterious girl, who's dating Niall Horan," he said with a grin. I shook my head a bit because of his words. "Oh, and We're sorry, me and the other boys. We didn't mean to make you mad or something - we were just trying to like help you guys out. We could see that something was going on, and we knew Niall was nervous to ask you out." He smiled a bit. "It's okay - Niall explained it to me." I said and smiled back. Harry looked over at Jessica, and gave her a big smile, before I broke the silence. "Well, I'm going to head up to our room, it's getting a bit cold." I smiled at Harry, and afterwards at Jessica. Jessica had that look on her face she got whenever she didn't knew what to do - but she still smiled a bit. "It is getting a bit cold, but I guess I'll see you?" She said a bit after I started heading up the stairs. "I'll see you around." Harry answered, and started walking down the stairs again, as Jessica started heading up the stairs to our room too. As I was standing in front of our door, and unlocking it, Jessica came up the stairs, and walked towards me and the door. "You should be standing down there and be talking to Harry!" I said as I opened the door. "You know I get nervous, when you do something like that!" She answered. "Well, maybe I should just lock you out of the room, like you did with me?" She hurry inside, and smiled. "Can't happen now." I laughed. "It will happen. When you expect it the least." We both began to laugh again. "But Jess, seriously - you like him. And he smiles so differently at you - so I think he likes you too!" She sat down on the bed, "Yeah. I like him, but I don't think he likes me. He's the flirty one, you know." I sighed, "He might be the flirty one, but I still thinks he likes you." We didn't say much afterwards, we were both tired, but felt like it was too early to head to bed. I got changed into my pjs, a tank top, and sat down at the window, with my phone.  I went on the internet, and saw some of the headlines; "Niall Horan's mystery girl lives at same hotel - Coincidence or do they share a room?" and "Niall Horan's mystery girl brought friend!" "I can't believe this," I mumbled. "What?" Jessica asked and looked up from a book. "This." I got up and showed her the headlines. "Unbelievable." She said. "Bloody.... How can they possibly have this up already? They took the pictures like 20 minutes ago!" I sat down at my bed with a sigh. "Oh no.." I said, "I'm going to have to call my mom.. - I'll bet this is out in Denmark too." I took my phone, and decided to go around on the floor, while talking to her. And I was right. The news had hit Denmark, already with the first headlines. 



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