Another World

Taylor decided that once she finsied school she wanted to travel.What happens when she ends up meeting her favourite boy band? Will it be a dream come true or just a dream?


15. Your My Last Hope

Taylor’s P.O.V

“Hello.” Said Liam as he answered his phone. “Oh shit, we completely forgot. We will be ready in 20 minutes.” Liam hung up and turned to the boys. “We have a signing today. We have to be ready and down in the lobby in 20 minutes.” Everyone got up and went to their rooms. I walked out with Zayn and into his room. “Do you want to get changed?” I yelled from his room. “Why would I? I’m not going to the signing.” I yelled back. “Yes you are.” He said while poking his head round the door. “Well either way I’m fine in this.” I said as he went back into his room. He walked out with a blue and white varsity jacket with a white shirt underneath and a pair of black skinny jeans. “How do I look?” he asked spinning around. “Same old Zayn.” I said cheekily. With that he picked me up and dropped me on the lounge. “Well that same old Zayn is who you feel for so perfect.” He said before leaning down and kissing me. “Come one we better go.” He said putting out a hand to help me up. We walked out and met the boys in the lobby.  We hoped into the car and drove to the signing.

Zayn’s P.O.V

As we pulled up to the venue hundreds of screaming girls was queuing trying to get inside. We got out of the car and headed to the tables. “Taylor you’re going to have to stay in the crowd. But stay near the door so I can grab you at the end of it.” I said kissing her on the forehead. “Okay I’ll stay where you can see me.” She said smiling at me. The girls started piling in and all I could think of was this finishing and doing something with Taylor tonight. Many hours went by and we had about 1 hour left. I smiled at the thought that it was almost over. Obviously the girl thought I was smiling like an idiot because I saw her, which sent her into fan girl mode. Our fans always make me laugh.

Taylor’s P.O.V

I started listening to music about 30 minutes into the signing and I was soon running out of songs to listen to. I felt someone tap on my shoulder, I turned to see a man in about his 40’s behind me. I took one of my ear phones out. “Sorry dear I was just wondering if you were the girl in the pictures with Zayn, I mean like his girlfriend? My daughter wanted to know.” He said letting out a small smile but something looked wrong. “Umm yes that would be me.” I said a little confused. “Oh great, would you be able to come and take a picture with her?” he asked shakily. “Um yea sure where is she?” I asked a little overwhelmed as to why she wanted a picture with not Zayn but me. “Just follow me.” He said with his head down. I didn’t know if I should or not, but one photo wouldn’t hurt.

I walked into the car park. “Umm where is she?” I asked very worried now. “I’m sorry I have to do this dear but I don’t know where my daughter is. She ran away and said the only way she would see me again is if I got One Direction to meet her and you’re a way to get to get to them.” He said as he pushed me into a car. “Let me out! I’ll get Zayn and the boys to meet her just let me go!” I screamed trying to open the door but it was locked. ‘I’m so sorry I really am but I tried everything. I wrote letters, talked to the other girlfriends and tried winning competitions. I’m sorry but your my last chance.” He said with tears streaming down his face as he turned the car on and drove out of the car park. Why didn’t he believe me?

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