Another World

Taylor decided that once she finsied school she wanted to travel.What happens when she ends up meeting her favourite boy band? Will it be a dream come true or just a dream?


2. That Girl

Zayn’s P.O.V

I can’t believe it… It looked like she didn’t even know who I was; I mean I even had to say my name. It was so different, but so peaceful. There is something about her, Taylor. I don’t know why I went over to her; I mean she could have been a crazy fan for all I knew. But when she turned and I saw her gorgeous brown eyes and that gorgeous smile I knew it didn’t matter. Her face was so gorgeous I was glued to it for ages. Her hair was brown and curly it reminded me of Harry’s, she even had a side fringe. I had to force myself to walk away because I knew the boys would be worried about me. As I walked towards our room all I could think of was Taylor and how I hoped she was still there.

As I came around the corner Niall ran towards me. “Where were you Zayn?” said Niall worriedly. “At the buffet, I wanted to see what there was today.” I say trying not to tell him about Taylor until the all the boys were around. “Well that’s okay. You better come to the room then we will go.” said Niall.

“Vas Happening!?” I say as I walk through the door, as the boys will know it was me. “There you are Zayn, we were just about to go get breakfast” said Liam, he was so organised it amused me. “Harry if I have to come in and dress you myself I will, I’m too hungry to be waiting” said Louis impatiently. “Don’t worry Lou, I’m just putting my shoes on” said Harry so he would avoid Louis getting angry.

“Boys I have something to tell you.” I said, as Harry walked out of the room. “This can’t be good.” said Louis sarcastically. “With Lou’s comment behind, when I went to the buffet this morning to see what there was, I saw this beautiful girl eating like Niall. It was so funny I walked over to her and noticed how beautiful she was. So I talked to her and I told her I would be back with you boys soon and if she was still there I would sit with her.” I said trying not to go into to much detail. “Zayn, you can’t just tell every fan that we will meet them, it’s our day off I don’t want it spent on making every fan here happy. I love them all but I mean breakfast, really?” said Liam worried as usual. “Well Liam that’s the strange part, it seemed like she didn’t even know who I was. But there is something about her; I can’t let this one go without getting to know her at least.” I said trying to convince Liam to agree. “Fine, but we are eating and not taking millions of pictures and signing autographs, ok.” Said Liam sternly.

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