Another World

Taylor decided that once she finsied school she wanted to travel.What happens when she ends up meeting her favourite boy band? Will it be a dream come true or just a dream?


9. Perfect End To A Perfect Day

Taylor’s P.O.V

When we arrived back to the hotel we all got out of the car and walked into the main area. “How about everyone comes back to my room and we can watch some movies?” Zayn suggested. Everyone agreed and walked to his room. I sat on the lounge in between Niall and Zayn, but was almost on top of Zayn. Harry had managed to find a space on the lounge, while Louis and Liam grabbed some chairs around the dining table and put them next to the lounge. We agreed on watching 21 Jump Street. This was the best day, I was settled on the lounge surrounded by One Direction and watching Channing Tatum, could it get any better?

Zayn and I quoted the most from the movie, but I still knew the movie better. We had to rewind quite a bit because of all of our hysterical laughing. In particular parts. We had to stop the movie for a couple of minutes to wait for Niall to settle down. Just as Niall had got his breath back and stopped laughing I quoted the part again causing him to go into another fit of laughter. This caused the rest of the boys to start laughing.

When the movie ended it was 10 and everyone decided to leave. I hugged the boys and they all agreed they would see me tomorrow. I waited for everyone to leave, not wanting to leave. Zayn closed the door behind the boys indicating that he didn’t want me to leave just as much as I didn’t want to. I sat down on the lounge again and Zayn soon joined me. “You want to watch another movie?” he asked. I nodded in response causing him to get back up. He grabbed a movie and put it in, Love Actually. I loved this movie. As Zayn sat back down he put his arm around me and I moved closer, curling up to him. I rest my head on his upper chest, feeling his heartbeat, and put my hand over his chest. I curled in more as his warmth spread from the places that were meeting his body to the places that were untouched.

Zayn’s P.O.V

As Taylor curled into me I couldn’t help but let a smile escape my face. I couldn’t explain the effect her touch had on me. I ran my hand through her hair, obviously sending shivers down her spine as she shook ever so slightly but leant into my hand. I kept playing with her hair as it seemed she enjoyed it. I searched for her hand with my free one, soon entwining our fingers.

We stayed like this for a while, I wish we could forever. I felt her look up at me so I quickly looked down. I looked into her gorgeous eyes even though I couldn’t see the exact colour as the lights were off. She smiled ever so slightly. I could control myself any longer, having ti stop myself at the beach was torture enough. I leant down and our noses touched. She leant up indicating she felt the same, so moved the slightest bit so our lips were touching. As her lips meet mine I knew why people said were there fireworks. My body exploded with happiness. I kissed more passionately tracing her lips with my tongue. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and more fireworks exploded inside me. I had never felt like this with any other girl and I knew that I could let her go.

Near the end of the movie Taylor had fallen asleep on my shoulder. She looked so peaceful when she slept. I picked her up and put her in my bed. I took her shirts off except for her tank top. I put one of my shirts over the top which reached just above her knees. I didn’t undo her jeans just pulled them down from under the shirt not looking even though I wanted to. I pulled the covers over her and took my shirt and shorts off leaving me in boxers and snuggled up next to her.

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