Another World

Taylor decided that once she finsied school she wanted to travel.What happens when she ends up meeting her favourite boy band? Will it be a dream come true or just a dream?


4. Mystery Man

Taylor’s P.O.V

While everyone was finishing breakfast I decided to go change my outfit, as it wasn’t the nicest thing I had and Zayn warned me that the paparazzi are great at getting what they want. As I opened my suitcase I saw my favourite outfit. A white singlet with light blue, light purple and aqua picture in the middle and a light purple un-buttoned flowy shirt with my dark blue jeggings. As I was putting on my purple vans, instead of my black ones, someone knocked on my door. “One second!” I yelled to the person behind the door. As I walked over I decided to look through the eye hole. I didn’t know who it was. I kept the safety chain on but open the door creating a small gap. “Hello” I say warily. “Taylor right?” he asked. “Why do you ask?” I say not wanting to reveal anything yet. “I saw you with a young male this morning at the buffet and I was wondering how you knew him.” He said pushing me to answer the question. As I thought about this I wondered why any normal person would ask this, and I realise he was working in the media. “I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about. Sorry I couldn’t help but I need to get ready.” I say trying to back away, but as I was doing this I heard is voice, not just his but the others as well.

I couldn’t shut the door now, but would it be better for the boys to just have to handle him. With me trying to make up my mind I had ran out of time, the paparazzi had noticed them. “Don’t know what I’m talking about. Really?” He said indicating to the boys who had just turned the corner. “Oh my god! That’s One Direction! Who would have thought they would be in the same hotel as me!” I said as excitedly as I could while taking off the security chain. Zayn caught on immediately luckily. “Another dedicated fan I see. How about we sign some stuff for you and take some pictures?” He said trying not to laugh. “Oh my god! You can’t be serious!” I crabbed the paparazzi’s hand, “Did you hear that!? Zayn just said he would take a picture with me! My life is complete!” I said as close to sounding like a crazed fan as I ever had. “I think I should leave you to your… excitement?” He said a little confused. As he walked away I looked at Zayn and the rest of the boys who were trying not to laugh. “Someone is good at acting like a crazed fan, almost looks like you have had practice.” Said Louis trying to hold back a laugh. “You shouldn’t be laughing I just saved your ass.” I said trying to appreciate what I had just done for them. “Yea I know doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny.” Said Harry with his adorable accent and his slow way of talking. “Are you ready?” said Zayn changing the subject thankfully. “Come in I just have to finish getting changed.” I said as kept the door open signalling for them to come in.

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