Another World

Taylor decided that once she finsied school she wanted to travel.What happens when she ends up meeting her favourite boy band? Will it be a dream come true or just a dream?


3. Meeting The Boys

Taylor’s P.O.V

I sat there eating my breakfast trying to get my head round what had just happened. Zayn had just come up to me! I tried to keep relaxed but I kept smiling like an idiot. Time went by and I kept thinking maybe he wasn’t coming, I mean he must have so much to do. So I went and got another plate of fruit, muffins and pastries. Just as I was sitting down I saw him and the other boys. He smiled when he saw that I was looking at him, and I smiled back.

“Vas Happening Taylor” Zayn said as he walked towards me, just as I had shoved a piece of fruit in my mouth. I quickly swallow and reply. “Hey Zayn, wasn’t expecting you to be here so quickly.” I say this even though I wish he was here sooner. “Sorry babe I was waiting for the boys. Oh yea, by the way…” as he said turning towards the other 4 boys, “This is Liam” he said pointing towards the closest towards him. I never noticed through photos how amazing his eyes were. “Hey Taylor, it’s nice to meet you.” Liam said as he stretched out his hand for me to shake. “Nice to meet you too Liam.” I said as I shook his hand. “And this is Louis” Zayn said pointing to the brown-haired boy with the striped top and rolled jeans; as usual I couldn’t help but think. “Hey love how r u?” Louis said as he smiled. “I’m great thanks, and you?” I ask being to show I wasn’t stuck up. “Great thanks” Louis replied. “This is Harry.” Zayn said as he politely got Liam to move to the side. “Hey gorgeous,” Harry said walking towards me with his arms open for a hug. “Hey Harry” I say as I get up to hug him. His hair touched my face, that curly hair that reminded me so very much of my own. “And last but not least Niall” Zayn said trying to get his eyes off the food. “Hi Taylor,” said Niall still half concentrating on the food. “Go get some food Niall I know how it feels to be hungry.” I say smiling. As I said these words, he turned to face me. “Thank you Taylor!” he said joyfully as he made his way to the food. His eyes were stunning, the colour was just mesmerizing.

The other boys went to get food except for Zayn. “Zayn go get some food. I’m still eating its fine.” I say trying to convince him. “Okay, I’ll be back soon” he said as if he didn’t want to leave me for one second. As he left, I couldn’t help but think that this must be a dream. How could I be so lucky? There were so many other girls outside this hotel dying to see their face, and I’m here meeting them acting like I don’t know them. I felt terrible, like I didn’t deserve it but I wasn’t going to give this up. As I saw Zayn walk over I decided to tell him the truth. “Back babe” he said with the accent that just made me melt. “Zayn I have to tell you something.” I say, not realizing how bad I made it sound. “Sure, what is it?” he said so calmly. “I have been acting like I don’t know you, but I didn’t recognise you at first because of your new hair style, but I soon realised. I tried to keep it the same acting like I didn’t know you guys, but I had to tell you as I didn’t want you to start knowing me from a lie.” I say looking into his gorgeous brown eyes that almost took my breath away. “Taylor, you’re amazing. Not many people could do that, let alone tell me the truth. Everyone says what they think I want to hear, but what I want to hear is the truth.” I smile as he says this, glad I told him knowing that was his response. “I would really like to get to know you a little better, so how would you like to come spend the day with me?” Zayn asked so shyly that it was so adorable. “I would love to.” I say trying not to let my smile make me look like an idiot.

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