Another World

Taylor decided that once she finsied school she wanted to travel.What happens when she ends up meeting her favourite boy band? Will it be a dream come true or just a dream?


16. I Will See You Again

Zayn’s P.O.V

As the last girl came through I looked over to where Taylor had been the whole time but I couldn’t see her. As soon as I could I got up and looked around I couldn’t find her. I started to get really scared.

To Taylor ;) <3- Where are you!

From Taylor ;) <3- I will ring you in half an hour just go back to the hotel.

What was happening? She wouldn’t juts leave me. “Mate where is she?” said Niall just as confused as I was. I couldn’t speak so I just handed him my phone. “Mate we better get back to the hotel. I don’t think she is here and if it’s something bad I don’t want you in public.” Niall said while putting and arm around me. We walked back to the car and I ran to the room. As soon as I got in my phone rang. The boys had followed me and I put the phone on loudspeaker. “Hello.’ I said faintly. “Zayn is that you?” it was Taylor she sounded scared. “Yes gorgeous it’s me. Where are you?” I asked wanting to know where she was. “Zayn I need you to do me a favour ring the number I’m going to text you. Organise to meet up with her and the park down the road tonight at 7.30. If you and the rest of the boys meet up with her I can come back but if you don’t… I...I can’t see you again.” She sounded like she was crying. “Taylor what’s going on?” I asked almost in tears at the thought of not seeing her. “Please Zayn I need you to do this. I have to go, but I love you.” With that I was left with a beeping tone. By now I was in tears. What was happening?

From Taylor ;) <3- (020) 1820 6268 her name is Paige.

To Taylor ;) <3- Taylor tell me what is going on! Now!

From Taylor ;) <3 Zayn please this is my last msg I hope you do it! I don’t want to not see you again. : / it’s your choice babe. I love you

What was I going to do? I picked up the phone and dialled the number.

“Hello” said a girl from the other side of the phone. “Is this Paige?” I asked almost in tears again. “Umm yes who is this?” she said a little confused. “It’s Zayn from One Direction.” I heard a scream from the other end. “Meet me at the park on Main Street at 7.30pm. I have to go see you then.” Okay I will bye Zayn.” I hung up and tears streamed down my face. The boys walked over and all hugged me. “We will get her back Zayn don’t worry.” Said Liam even though I knew he was unsure.

To Taylor ;) <3- I will see you again! I will not stop looking until I do! I love you

Taylor’s P.O.V

From Zayn xx ;) - I will see you again! I will not stop looking until I do! I love you

I burst into tears. The man sat on the other side of the room mumbling to himself. “I’m so sorry Taylor I really am; I just miss her so much. I need to see her.” He said through his own tears. “I told you I would of got the boys to meet her why didn’t you believe me?” I asked as I tried stopping my tears. “Because love makes you do anything, and I knew Zayn would do anything to get you back.” It made sense but I still didn’t know what to think of him. Was he crazy or was he really just missing his daughter and wanted her back and love really did make him do this.

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