Another World

Taylor decided that once she finsied school she wanted to travel.What happens when she ends up meeting her favourite boy band? Will it be a dream come true or just a dream?


12. Hello?

“So Taylor what do you want to do?” Louis asked as he pulled me onto his lap. “Well I need to get out of these clothes so I’ll meet you back here in 15 minutes.” I said getting up. “Okay see you soon.” They all called after me.

I decided to wear my aqua, blue and white summer dress that came above the knees but not too revealing. I slipped on a pair of white ballets flats. It was hot today, hotter than I expected. I decided to stop in at the hotel confectionary store. There were kids running around dragging their parents to every side of the store. I walked up to the only lady in the store. “Excuse me ma’am where are the ice-creams?” I asked because I couldn’t see them in the store. “If you go to the back there is a corridor, keep walking down to a freezer pick out what you want and come back and pay.” She said pointing to where the corridor was. “Thank you.” I said smiling as I walked away.

I eventually made it past all the children going crazy over the amount of sweets available. I opened the door and found a massive chillier room with the big handle/lock to open it. I stepped in and looked around at the variety. I saw a variety box of sundaes at the back and decided to get that. As I walked towards the back the door shut behind me. I jumped at the noise but kept going. I picked up the box and walked towards the door. I reached my arms out to open the door but found there was no handle. There was a latch at the top that was meant to be flipped so you wouldn’t be locked in. I dropped the box on the ground and spun around looking for a way to get out. I looked at my phone but there was no reception. I was hopeful that people would come as it was a hot day, so I decided to calm down a little.

As time passed I got colder and colder, I wouldn’t be able to stay in here much longer. I slammed against the door screaming for help but no one came. I looked behind all the shelves and at the roof to see if there was a way out, but there was nothing. All I could do was wait and hope, and soon that just wouldn’t work.

Liam’s P.O.V

It had been almost an hour since Taylor left and we were all getting pretty worried. We all had texted her but no reply so I decided to call her but it went straight to message bank. “Guys I think we should go looking for her.” I said to the other three boys. They all nodded in agreement. “I’ll go to her room, and around it,” Said Louis. “And I will go to the pool and the gym.” Said Harry. “I will go to the bar and restaurants.” Said Niall a little too happily. “I’ll go to all the stores in the hotel.” I said as we all made our way towards the door. “Keep in contact and report immediately if you find her.” I said calling after the boys going in different direction.

I first went to the clothes store and asked the lady if she had seen a girl around 18 years old that had dark curly hair and tan skin. She hadn’t seen her at all. She even checked Taylor’s room number to see if she had purchased anything but nothing came up. I thanked the lady for her time and continued. The next store was the sweets store, I almost didn’t go in but thought that maybe she went and got something for us to watch movies with. I walked up to the lady at the desk. “Hi ma’am. I was wondering if you had seen a young lady around 18 with brown curly hair and tan skin from room 16?” I asked hoping for a positive response. “I have, she asked for ice-cream about half an hour ago but she didn’t come and pay for anything.” Well at least she has been seen, but where could she be. As I headed for the door I felt someone grab my shoulder. “Thinking about it I actually never saw her leave.” Said the lady. “The chillier is down the corridor maybe you should check in the corridor but I can’t leave sorry.” She said walking back to her counter.

I ran down the corridor but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I turned around to go back but as I walked away I heard something. “Hello? IS someone there? Please help me.” Said a soft voice. I turned around searching the corridor. I walked closer and closer to the noise stopping outside a door.

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