Another World

Taylor decided that once she finsied school she wanted to travel.What happens when she ends up meeting her favourite boy band? Will it be a dream come true or just a dream?


17. Chris

Taylor’s P.O.V

“So you know my name what’s yours?” I asked trying to break the silence. “Chris.” He said looking up. “Well Chris I’m very hungry can I have something to eat?” I asked as I looked at the time on my phone. “Of course.” He said sounded excited at the thought of it. “I can make you a toasted cheese sandwich?” he said with a smile on my face. “Sounds great.” I said as my stomach grumbled.

After I finished eating it was still only 4.30, we still had 3 hours. “Would you like to play a card game?” Chris asked obviously seeing that I was done. “Sure sounds good.” I said trying to be as polite as possible as I hadn’t decided if he was crazy or not. “You can chose dear.” He said smiling at me. “Umm go fish?” I said not really sure. “I used to play this with Paige all the time.” He said smiling but trying to hold back his tears.

After playing many rounds and talking I had figured out Chris. He was just as scared as I was and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t completely forgive him but I felt sorry for him. “Chris do you have any photos of you and Paige?” I asked, my curiosity had gotten the better of me.  “I’ll just go get them.” He said getting off his chair. He came back with a box. “All the photos and all the letters I wrote to her but never sent are in there. I don’t care what you look at.” He said getting up and putting the kettle on. I opened one letter.

Dearest Paige,

I have entered 20 contests but still nothing. I’m trying I really am. I just miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you. It has been a month now. How have you been? I hope you are okay, remember I am always here for you. I have more plans, you will meet them and I will see you again. But why Paige, why are you doing this to me? Don’t you know how much I care and love you? Why do you need to meet this boy band for me to see you? You won’t even remember them in years to come but you will remember not saying goodbye to your dad when he died. I do love you but I think you should reconsider this. I will see you Paige. Love Chris.

A tear escaped my eye as I finished reading the letter. How could Paige do this to her dad? He cared so much and she just shrugged him off and is using him. I couldn’t wait to see her tonight and give her a piece of my mind. I felt sorry for Chris I wanted to do this now.

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