The Rag Doll

Children are full of imagination and wishes, so when one girl's wish becomes a reality she's in shock. But when she dies suddenly in her 20's, suspicion rises around the rag-doll that started everything.


2. Thirteen years of age.

Four years had passed since Tayla had received the Rag Doll, her new best friend.

She slowly rolled out of bed and got up on to her feet.

"Come on, Susie," she whispered in her neatly sewn ears. She galloped down the stairs and Into her parents room but nobody was there. The bed was made and the curtains were open but not a sight of anything living. She clambered down the stairs, the living room was dark.

"Mum? Dad? Are you down here?" She mumbled to the darkness, continuing to walk down the stairs. 

She reached the bottom, her bare feet touched the cold, wooden floor. The lights quickly lit up the room, her Mum and Dad stood at the light switch and giggled,

"We scared you then, right?" her Mum laughed, picking up a present from behind the sofa. "We haven't got you much this year, dear. You're getting older and you're growing up, here though," she said, still laughing. Tayla placed Susie carefully onto the sofa beside her, the soft present placed on her small hands.

"Thanks," she whispered to her parents.

Her, now much bigger, fingers tore into the wrapping paper. Soft material touched her fingertips as she tore the wrapping paper even more. A gasp came from her, "Thank you so much!" she gasped once more, holding in her hands some clothes for Susie.

"Susie, look! I can dress you up now!" she announced, excitement running through her veins. Her hands grasped hold of Susie, "Give Mummy a hug Susie." Tayla giggled, Mum leaned forwards and hugged the Doll. "And Daddy," she said, walking over to her Dad who laughed and then gave Susie and Tayla a hug.

"Me and your Dad have to go out soon, so we were thinking...why don't you blow out the candles on your cake now instead of waiting till later? What do you say?" Tayla's mum grinned, walking into the kitchen and bringing out a magnificent cake shaped as Susie with thirteen candles neatly placed around her face. She lit the candles and looked at Tayla once more,

"Make a wish," she insisted, holding the cake in front of her. Her mouth blew up to an incredible size and then "Pffffft" out came the air.

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