The Rag Doll

Children are full of imagination and wishes, so when one girl's wish becomes a reality she's in shock. But when she dies suddenly in her 20's, suspicion rises around the rag-doll that started everything.


5. Explanations.

Tayla shuffled about uncomfortably as she stared down at her feet. "Who is who?" she said, trying to make out she didn't understand what her mother was on about.

"That thing next to you..," her mum replied sternly.

"It's called a ... shadow?" Tayla said quietly, trying to get her mother to stop asking questions.

"Really? But I could've sworn that there was something by your feet moving around!" she shouted.

Tayla began to walk towards her mother. "Look!" she shouted, gesturing at her feet. "There's nothing by my feet!" She poked her feet in the air then giggled quietly. "Bye, Mum!"

"Oh.." was all her mother managed to say.

When they were out of eyesight and where her mum couldn't here them, Tayla began to talk.

"Why are you so stupid, Susie?!" Tayla exclaimed, picking up the doll and racing to her room. "I specifically told you, 'No!'"

"I was only wanting to meet your parents, Tayla..," Susie said, making a small puppy dog face which didn't seem right for her. Her stitches curled up into a lopsided smile and her eyes were glistening in the light. It made her seem..somewhat evil.

"Well, you can't, Susie! I'm sorry, but they'd freak out." she replied.

Susie began to sniff as if she was crying. Her stitched mouth opened slowly but no tears fell from her eyes.

"I understand, we're obviously not as close friends as I thought," she said.

Tayla looked shocked. "Of course we are, Susie! How could you even say that?"

"Because, you're like, ashamed of me, aren't you?" the doll looked up into Tayla's eyes.

Tayla reassured her. "Of course not.."

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