The Rag Doll

Children are full of imagination and wishes, so when one girl's wish becomes a reality she's in shock. But when she dies suddenly in her 20's, suspicion rises around the rag-doll that started everything.


4. Awake

Her alarm clock started to ring, shaking the petite room. Tayla rubbed her eyes and turned her loud clock off, her arms stretched out far.

"Good morning, Tayla." A wispy voice said, she look to her side to see her once lifeless doll talking and walking towards her.

"I thought I was dreaming?" she coughed, still looking at the doll who was now smiling. The doll shuck it's head in sadness and wiped her hair back,

"When are you going to properly introduce me to your parents? I've only met them as a limp rag-doll" the doll asked. Tayla sat up and looked into it's deep, dark eyes, they looked almost like black holes sucking her in for an answer.

"I can't do that" Tayla disagreed, shaking her head from left to right, her beautiful blonde hair swaying side-to-side.

"But Tayla, we're best friends and you won't even introduce me to your parents" The doll started to cry real tears and they fell onto Tayla's bed; travelling to the carpet floor.

"My mum would think she's gone insane, from a doll to a-, a living person should I say. It's out of the question!" Tayla harshly whispered, sitting up on her bed and lying her head on the backboard.

"Well, if you wont then I guess I'd have to myself" The doll giggled, running to the stairs, "Catch me If you can" It giggled once more before running down the steep stairs that stood before her, Tayla quickly shot up from her bed and followed the doll down the stairs.

"Susie, no!" She shouted, trying to shout as quietly as she could but making her voice louder than she wanted. Her tiny body ran into her parents bedroom, following after was Tayla herself.

"T-Tayla? Who is this?" Her Mum asked in shock whilst she gulped in horror.

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