Torn in half

Lark's lonely days are dragging on. He alwas thinks noone understands him. Noone wants to play with him. But he wasn't always like this. This is the story, beofre he was Torn in half.


3. The goal

Lark's memory softly faded away. The image went black, and his head, browsing for the next memory finaly found gold.

The snow came first, like stars falling in the dark sky. Then came the picture. He found him self racing through the freshly mowed grass. The ball at his feet. Dodging the oncoming dangers, bombarding him from left right and centre. Which in this case were the midfielders and defnders.  

"MIIIINNNNEEEEEE!" screamed a defender as he slid on the ground towards the ball. Lark very skillfuly lifted the ball, jumping with it. All he saw was the defender below gazing in absolute awe, helplessly carrying on his slide. He landed and he faced the goal keeper. Everyone paused. 30 seconds left. The legue depended on this. 1,000 pounds and the champion title were hanging by a thread. Lark without delay swang back his left foot. The impact lifted the ball. It flew towards it's target. The wind blew it left, but the goalkeeper was on the left side.

It's gonna hit the bar. I'm going to---

Lark's thoughs were interuppted by the silent bounce of the ball from the bar, the mud lifting from the ground and the shaking of the net.

Everyone roared up. They cheerred like there was no tommorow.

I've done it! ..... I HAVE SCORED A GOAL!

"YEAH! WHOOOOOHOOOO!!!" Lark screamed in delight.

He was flying in the air. His teammates lifted him up.

Then everthing went black. Except one face. Josh's. Josh Howerting. He had his face in my mind. It turned to blood.

He....he did.....he did something to Lark. Something that made him who he is today...


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