Torn in half

Lark's lonely days are dragging on. He alwas thinks noone understands him. Noone wants to play with him. But he wasn't always like this. This is the story, beofre he was Torn in half.


2. The date


He grinned upon her blonde as the sun hair. 

'You're so pretty...' He whispered, leaning closer and managing a kiss. 

'Thanks Lark... hehe...' She giggled sweetly. Lark loved her laugh, it made him happy every time he heard it.

'Should we sit?' He asked, taking a chair out for her. She sat down on it and smiled. Lark sat opposite of her, gazing into her light blue sapphire eyes.

'I already have my order.' Lark beamed.

'I just chose mine.' She whispered taking his hand. 

A waiter rushed over. 'May I take your order?' He asked.

At the same time the two smiled, saying; 'fries and chicken dumplings.' A roar of laughter filled up the restaurant, everyone staring at them.

'OK then.' The waiter smiled, walking away. Lark felt the complex of his girls hands as he kissed them. Then the food came. They both tucked in, smiling at each other. Lark put a chicken dumpling in her mouth and she laughed. And then they twisted arms putting food into each others mouths.

They finished it all and then came the kiss.

The biggest kiss ever. The kiss only Lark could supply.

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