One big book of.....Randomness

Yep! You guessed it! It's one big blob of writing,all which is random. Expect twists and turns, scary sea monsters popping up in the loo, catz, sparta and ghosts which can't see. Randomness galore!


1. Welcome to the cafe of..of....something?




Went the noise against the wall.

"Johnny mah boy, do you know what that noise is?"asked Joe. He was quite the man. A plain black stickman, with a bandana covering his left eye (although his eyes were invisible).

"The freakin' ghost dosen't know he can't go"Johnny continued "Did I say it right?"

"Its WOOD! W-O-O-D. Say it with me now W-O-----"Joe was interupted by a high-pitched scream.

"MONSTER!!! MONSTER IN THE LOO!!!!"came the scream from beyond the old, creaky wooden door.

Joe let his head fall down and onto the round table.


Joe was tired. He had to rescue everyone from the loo, from that 'monster'. But what they don't know is that he put it in there to help them do their bussiness quicker. Because when they opened the door, the ghost stopped banging becuase the creakiing noise was so highly pitched, he fainted out.

Joe got up,with the Junkasaurous bone (Some random monster created by a guy in a dark lab with an evil laugh) walked across the wooden flooring and opened the door. Suddenly.....ahelicopterflewinandkilledallofthembutthentheyhaxedandtheylivedagainandthatnevereverhappened *GASP*

(Told you,a bunch of randomness)

But anyway, Joe walked in (a tissue held of his mouth for obvious reasons) and threw the bone to the sea monster.

The sea monster made quite a noise when eating the bone, something like 'Omnomnomnomnomnom' then the scared-to-death lavatory user walked out. Then.... CRACK!

"WAHHHHHH" he screamed as he fell  through the boarding and 1,300m to his death (they built this cafe on the edge of a cliff)

"Johnny mah boy. I told you to fix the boardng" shouted Joe.

"I went to the shop but I couldn't order any w-w-wooded."he replied.

Joe went back to the table, sat down and took a nice long sip of freshly ground bees.

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