One big book of.....Randomness

Yep! You guessed it! It's one big blob of writing,all which is random. Expect twists and turns, scary sea monsters popping up in the loo, catz, sparta and ghosts which can't see. Randomness galore!


15. Teh end of ze Juurr neh.

It's a sad time here at 50 miles in the air cafe. And at the dog HQ. And on Piecliff. 

It's time to say bye to Joe, Woo-ded man, loo monster, evil guy in a lab, Piesherrif/PieEater Deputy John McPiez (R.I.P.), Fail squad and the helicopter with the cake.

(It's still a lie!)

And so, we come to the end of our quest through random book.

It's been a good time. We have had many laughs, but the evil guy wan and he shut uz down. :(((

Oh well...bye forever......

Or will we see you again?

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