One big book of.....Randomness

Yep! You guessed it! It's one big blob of writing,all which is random. Expect twists and turns, scary sea monsters popping up in the loo, catz, sparta and ghosts which can't see. Randomness galore!


4. Catz.

Breifing Room 12

Cat Handling Division 'WeHax' (CHD'WH')

Dog HQ


"Right gentlemen. We have a serious problem"began the sargent"Catz."


"There are many types of catz, like catz and catzillas and mini-catz and stuff but they are no match for us." he continued "But thier new Weapon of Mass Destruction or WMD for short  is the...."

A deadly silence fills the room.


"We have a security breach in sector Delta 2-5! Requesting recon units. Problem is undentified." boomed the PA.

" the ready!" the sargent screamed.

They ran to the armoury and armed them selves.

"This is Y speaking. 2 WMDs are headed towards the TAPC (Tactical Actions Planning Centre) and one towards HTMACBTTA (How to make a chezburger theory testing area). Requesting all CHDs to respond." boomed the PA once again."

"This is FailSquad! We have failed!" buzzed the radio on the sargents shoulder.

They ran past the LF (LolFactory (For morale) and the TACC (Tactical Actions Comand Centre) and the CBEC (Chezburger Eating Centre) and soon they heared the awful noise of.... Nem nem nem nem nem nem nem nem nem nam nam nam nam nam nem nem nem nem.

They positioned dem selves at the end of the corridor wen everything went black.

"Frug! WHO THE HECK DIVIDED BY ZERO!!!!"screamed the sargent.



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